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8 Reasons DIGnGO is Out in Front and Miles Ahead
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Luxury Hotels

Our Hotel Selections Make the Difference Between a Good Trip & a Great One

We go to great lengths to treat our tour groups to each location’s most exquisite gems and finds when it comes to hotels, as we consider memorable accommodations to be an important part of any cycling vacation. We think you will agree that a one-of-a- kind 4- or 5-star hotel is far more inviting than an impersonal 50 room hotel.
Friendly staff and attentive managers (many of whom we know personally), beautiful vistas, and charming facilities are things we, admittedly, obsess over. Because of the group sizes and bottom-line focus on cost-cutting, other tour groups stick to budget accommodations that are frankly, forgettable and second- rate.

7 Guests Maximum

Small Groups by Design

We pride ourselves on offering our guests an intimate, attentive experience, so we limit the number of guests on each tour to 7. This is our absolute maximum (not average group size). Anything over 7 clearly becomes a “group tour” restricting your choice of hotel and making it that much harder to receive individual attention from your trip leaders.
This also allows us to have minivans at your side, to maximize your experience during each ride and at each destination. No buses and no need to call your own taxi. Flat tire, or just plain tired, no problem, ever. You get unmatched personal attention and flexibility.

High-End Bicycles

Better Bikes Mean a Better Ride

At DIGnGO, we are very particular about our equipment so we own our own bikes and do the maintenance. Road and electric bikes are available on demand.
This costs more, but how could we offer the best bike tours without great bikes?
You won’t find the lower cost and lower quality rentals others use, with heavy, inefficient gear systems than can be plagued with problems.

Garmin GPS

Never Get Lost and Enjoy the Scenery

Unlike other bike tours, our trips are designed with your fitness level in mind and include multiple daily routes. Each morning you are presented with a range of mileage options and can choose the one matching your ability level.
Regardless of which route you choose you are guaranteed to arrive at your hotel on time so that you have time to unwind before dinner. Thanks to Garmin cycling GPS the edge touring. It is very easy to use, comes standard on every bike and gives you turn by turn directions. That way you don’t have to worry about getting lost anymore and can enjoy the scenery without the need to read route notes all day.

Trip Leaders

We Simply have Superior Leaders - We don’t Just Say so, our Guests do!

With DIGnGO, our guest feedback speaks for itself – a consistent 9.9 out of 10 average score for each and every one of our leaders. While every tour company under the sun will claim to have the best possible tour leaders at their disposal, only DIGnGO can guarantee that. We hire only the cream of the crop – less than 5% of the people that apply with us – to ensure you have only the best guides for your incredible vacation.
Our trip leaders are: Multilingual, Energetic, Well- educated, In great physical shape, Friendly and personable. With other companies, it really is hit or miss as far as whether you get a terrific tour guide or not. Experience the difference when you book your tour today!

Our Friends

Local Contacts Provide Unique Cultural Experiences

We’re dedicated to making sure you get the absolute most out of your vacation, so we go much further than other tours do to expose you to the best of the local culture.
During your vacation and thank you to our network of local contacts, you get to experience wine tastings, authentic local markets, cultural fairs as well as intimate experiences designed to take you “behind the scenes”.

Gourmet Food

We Take your Dining Experiences Personally

With DIGnGO, not only are our dining venues simply the best, whether you have a light lunch in an unbelievable setting among olive groves or dine at a Michelin star restaurant you always choose what you enjoy most from a choice between two or three dishes. There’s no “one choice fits all” on a DIGnGO tour. Many tour companies simply turn people loose when it’s time for dinner. No consideration is given to the guests when it comes to dining you just don’t have the choice to select between various dishes.

No Subcontracting

We Never Subcontract our Tours

At DIGnGO, we believe that the only way to promise you, our customer, a tour that meets our high standards, is to design, test and conduct them ourselves.
Industry practice is to subcontract. We know, because a few of us have worked for a few of those tours before joining DIGnGO.

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