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Travel Agent Commission, Explained

How Does a Travel Agent Make Money in 2021?
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Travel Agents Get Paid a Commission

In general, the average commission paid by travel agents is around 8%. As a tour operator, we like to richly reward our travel agent partners with the best travel agent commission rates in the business. When a travel supplier books a bicycle trip on behalf of his or her client, DIGnGO pays a standard 10% commission to the travel agency. However, DIGnGO pays up to 12% commission, based on the previous year’s sales. As a travel agency, you may earn 11% commission for total sales of between $50,000 and $100,000; and up to 12% commission for sales year in excess of $100,001.

Travel agents get paid a commission on the trip price, travel insurance or cancellation fees. They will get paid after your clients’ tour departure. However, commissions are usually paid to the travel agency, not the booking agent.

By earning around $400 in commission per person booked on a DIGnGO cycling vacation, travel agencies are making a good amount of money per year. Combined with the commission on travel insurance sold through us, those $400 per traveler usually adds up to more than $500 in revenue per client.

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