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Gourmet Bike Tours | What to Know

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Perform an online search for bike tours, and you’ll discover the proverbial yellow pages. Instead, narrow down your options with a luxury bike tour. You may have travelled on a classic cycling adventure but a gourmet bike tour is entirely different, however. Learn more now so that you can pick the gourmet vacation of your dreams.

Savor gourmet cuisine and local delights 

You’ve always hoped to eat some well-known Michelin-star cuisine. Don’t miss out on this opportunity with a gourmet adventure. You arrive at your destination with ample time to spare. In the evening, you feast on the region’s local delicacies. When you want a more casual experience, head out to a local eatery. You won’t end up in a tourist trap as we are always pleased to offer our recommendations.


Fueling up on snacks along the way

If you’ve ever been on a classic bike tour, you may have felt like you were left behind. On a DIGnGO Bike Trip, regardless of your fitness level and chosen route, you are treated to snacks along the way. Take a break, head over to the support vehicle and eat fresh fruits. Try a handful of trail mix too. You are served the freshest ingredients for energy purposes. You need those extra carbohydrates for the road ahead so don’t forget to snack on energy bars. Don’t worry, you won’t be served heavy and fat-filled items. Gain some sugar and protein from peanut butter M&Ms. Whether you need a pick-me-up during the ride or afterwards, we always have something available.


Sample the region’s local wines produced by generations-old winemakers  

You will love visiting Europe and trying its local wines. Learn about each region unique soil, grapes and cultivation methods. A gourmet bike ride takes you deep into the local vineyards where you meet small growers. You may be a fan of the big names in wine, you’ll love the small growers and their passion for their art. Meet the winemakers and learn from them. You’ll also indulge in a few tasting sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or amateur expert, knowing how to engage with the glass and wine is a skill. Become a wine connoisseur while tasting the vineyards across Europe.


Cook your own meal 

Go on vacation, and learn to cook a local delicacy like the locals. Culinary cycling tours provide an opportunity to do so. Engage in pasta-making lessons or basic cooking sessions. You’re shown local tricks so that you can bring those skills home. While in Italy, cook pasta during a pasta making lesson. Wouldn’t you like to know the best tips for homemade pizza? Luxury biking tours in Italy are often defined by pizza-making demonstrations. Learn about dough ingredients, making the dough rise and covering it with the proper sauces. Become a fan of Europe as you race across its rolling hills on a sturdy bicycle. A gourmet bike tour gives you an experience you won’t find with any other provider. From food selections to exciting cooking classes, you’ll never forget a minute of your biking vacation.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

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