Franck F.

Trip Leader


You’ll find me cyclo-touring, fat-biking or mountain biking all year round, mainly in the central and southern part of France and in the Alps where I live.

Riding with DIGnGO Since:

French, English, Spanish, German


Bike mechanic90%
Hard working100%

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Phone : (1).888.883.7948
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Our Team

Flavien Cassier


Being a natural born entrepreneur, Flavien holds a bachelor in business and communication from Arizona State University …

Kilian Cassier


Kilian co-founded DIGnGO with his brother while finishing his bachelor in international business at Northwood University …

Simon T.

Trip Leader

Originally from England, I live in Greece part of the year while the rest of the time I work as as a ski instructor in the winter …

India G.

Trip Leader

I was born in Washington DC but I am residing in France after completing a two month solo bicycle tour of Catalonia …

Douglas P.

Trip Leader

I was born in South Africa but I am on the road at least 50% of the time, cycling all over the world. I have cycled across all …

Laurent P.

Trip Leader

I’m an avid cyclist and I spend most of my free time, riding my bicycle around the world. In the winter, you’ll find me climbing …

Anjie V.

Trip Leader

Originally from California, I’ve worked in the corporate world for years before changing life by moving to France and try …

Martin P.

Trip Leader

International business graduate, trilingual, and avid traveller I’ve lived on many continents from Australia to South America …

Pierre-Alexandre M.

Trip Leader

Born and raised in France, I am an International business graduate. I love all kinds of outdoor activities like playing Rugby …

Robbie T.

Trip Leader

I am currently living and working in Chamonix, France, during the winter while being a bike leader in the summer. …

Franck V.

Trip Leader

You’ll find me cyclo-touring, fat-biking or mountain biking all year round, mainly in the central and southern part of France …

John Paul M.

Trip Leader

I played football to semi-professional level as a youth and captained many teams. I enjoy all sports but in 4 dedicated years, …

Clive E.

Trip Leader

Born in the UK, I have travelled extensively during the summers in France since 2005 using a motorhome while I spend my …

Brooke K.

Trip Leader

Born and raised in Canada, I have 2 passions, the outdoors and kids illustration as I have always loved to draw. During …

Thomas S.

Trip Leader

Born and raised in France, I have been traveling all over the world before coming back to my home country. I now live …

Sarah M.

Trip Leader

Originally from Scotland, I am a ski and snowboard instructor in the winter. I love being outdoor and combining my love …

Nicholas V.

Trip Leader

I have had many lives. I have worded as a chef, chalet host and chauffeur. I’ve also worked in the UK’s outdoor retail industry …

Jesse M.

Trip Leader

In the past, I’ve worked as a professional driver for a transfer company in the winter, driving clients to the French and Italian …

Gary W.

Trip Leader

I started cycling as a young kid and grew up watching the TDF. Soon I was racing at a national level before starting in a …

Jean-Baptiste C.

Trip Leader

I have a few degrees, one in sociology, one in anthropology and one in tourism. I’ve worked in Brazil organising eco tourist …

Sam T.

Trip Leader

During the winter, I work as a ski instructor in Courchevel as I am passionate about the Alps while in the summer, …

Flynn J.

Trip Leader

I was born and raised in Australia. I am passionate about the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. Since, living in France, …

Christopher R.

Trip Leader

I lived in Argentina, Colombia, Italia and Slovenia. I now live in France and I’m a lyric singer. I love cooking and wine …

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