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Tuscany Family Bike Tours – Biking in Tuscany

Whenever you decide to travel, our Tuscany family bike tours are carefully designed so that kids and adults have a great time. Olive groves, vineyards and Florence are usually the words that come to mind when thinking of Tuscany. Each day offers many opportunities to discover the region. Whether a wine tasting is organised at a local wine domain or you ride your bicycle through olive groves and endless acres of vineyards, a DIGnGO trip takes you on a ride of a lifetime. From the Val di Chiana to the Chianti area, your ride leads you through spectacular landscapes. Roads have been approved by our team to make sure kids are safe. Hills have been avoided to the extent possible. And kids only activities have been added to the trip. Join us today as our guides look forward to meeting you in Florence and take your family on an adventure through the Tuscan countryside.

At a glance
Duration 6 days
Starting Location Florence
Finishing Location Chiusi
Activity Level Easy
Price $2,998
Sgl. Suppl. $745

Details of our Tuscany family bike tours


Day 1: Start your trip in Chianti

From Castellina in Chianti to Castelnuovo Berardenga (23 miles)
Chianti is characterised by its amazing soil creating some of the best red wines in the world. Castellina in Chianti situated in the heart of the chianti wine region is the starting location today. Lunch is served in town before cycling toward your hotel, a little 16th century village full of history and fascination.

Day 2: Cycle to Radda in Chianti

From Castelnuovo Berardenga to Castelnuovo Berardenga (36 miles)
Today’s ride leads you to Radda in Chianti. In the evening, Siena declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is yours to discover.

Day 3: Kids spend sometime at an adventure park while parents cycle to Montalcino

From Castelnuovo Berardenga to Montalcino (31 miles)
Today, children get to have a great time at an outdoor adventure park.There are acrobatic sequences that are installed in the trees, rock walls, and poles that will have the kids playing for hours. Montalcino renowned for its red wine, the brunello di Montalcino, is where your day ends.

Day 4: Ride through the Crete Senesi

From Montalcino to Montepulciano (33 miles)
Tuscany is known for its history and art but not only. The Tuscan countryside is often considered as being one of the most beautiful in the world. Today, pedal through the beautiful terrain of Crete Senesi, a landscape that seems almost lunar. Montepulciano located in the heart of the Val di Chiana is where your hotel is located.

Day 5: Ride through the Val d’orcia and participate in a cooking class

From Montepulciano to Montepulciano (31 miles)
In the morning, cycle by the medieval villages of Petroio and Castelmuzio and enjoy the view on Sant’Anna in Camprena. During your lunch break, Pienza located in the heart of the Val d’Orcia and considered the ideal renaissance towns is yours to explore. In the afternoon, the kids participate in an authentic cooking class, while you coast through the town of Monticchiello.

Day 6: End the trip in Chiusi

End of the trip
Planning one more day in the area, Volterra called the Etruscan town is a good choice. If not, end your trip at the Chiusi train station.

*The mileage refers to the basic cycling route, which is the one that 85% of our guests ride. However, we offer multiple daily bicycling routes. You may read more about those biking routes in the activity level section below or by clicking the detailed itinerary button above.


Starting date Ending date
2018-04-15 2018-04-20
2018-04-22 2018-04-27
2018-04-29 2018-05-04
Starting date Ending date
2018-05-06 2018-05-11
2018-05-13 2018-05-18
2018-05-20 2018-05-25
2018-05-27 2018-06-01
Starting date Ending date
2018-06-03 2018-06-08
2018-06-10 2018-06-15
2018-06-17 2018-06-22
2018-06-24 2018-06-29
Starting date Ending date
2018-07-01 2018-07-06
2018-07-08 2018-07-13
2018-07-15 2018-07-20
2018-07-22 2018-07-27
2018-07-29 2018-08-03
Starting date Ending date
2018-08-05 2018-08-10
2018-08-12 2018-08-17
2018-08-19 2018-08-24
2018-08-26 2018-08-31
Starting date Ending date
2018-09-02 2018-09-07
2018-09-09 2018-09-14
2018-09-16 2018-09-21
2018-09-23 2018-09-28
2018-09-30 2018-10-05
Starting date Ending date
2018-10-07 2018-10-12
2018-10-14 2018-10-19

Make a date private

Private bike tours are for those looking to travel exclusively with their group of friends. For a private biking trip choose one of our regularly schedule travel dates. You may make it exclusively for you and your friends and family or contact us to choose your own departure date. Our private bicycling tour prices are explained below:

  • An extra $500 per person for 6 – 9 guests
  • An extra $1,000 per person for 4 – 5 guests
  • An extra $2,000 per person for 2 – 3 guests


Villa Curina Resort (2 nights)

Star rating: ****
Location: Castelnuovo Berardenga
Amenities: Pool
Member of:

SI Montalcino Hotel (1 night)

Star rating: ****
Location: Montalcino
Amenities: Pool
Member of:

Albergo Duomo (2 nights)

Star rating: ***
Location: Montepulciano
Amenities: Luxury services available
Member of:

Activity level

Our bike tour in Tuscany provides bike riders of different ability levels an opportunity to ride together. Each day offers a choice of multiple bike ride options, which means that on certain days you may want to enjoy recreational cycling while on other days you may want to workout more. You cycle at your own pace, no matter the route you choose.


Day Short option Basic option Long option
Miles Elev. Gain Miles Elev. Gain Miles Elev. Gain
1      23  1600    
2  17  1600  36  3200 44 3900
3  18  1400  31  2300  38  3600
4  18  2000  33  3800    
5  18  1500  31  3300  37  4000

What’s Included

  • All breakfasts, 1 lunch and 4 dinners
  • Multiples daily routes
  • The use of a fully equipped DIGnGO touring bike and gear
  • DIGnGO water bottle, helmet, Garmin GPS and saddle bag
  • 1 leader for every 5 guests
  • Snack & drinks during the day
  • Gratuities at hotels and restaurants
  • Guided tours, tastings and entrance fees as mentioned in the itinerary
  • A leader offering minivan support
  • Luggage transfers
  • Porterage
  • Minivan transfers during the trip
  • Local guides and experts
  • An email a few days prior to your trip

Types of bikes available

Touring Bike (Included)

Brand: Fuji
Model: Fuji Absolute 1.1 Disc
Weight: 10,35 kg

Kids’ Bike (Included)

Age: 8 and more years

Road bike (Upgrade)

Brand: Scott
Model: Scott Addict Disc or similar
Weight: 8,5 kg

Trailercycle (Included)

Age: 4 to 7 years

Electric bike (Upgrade)

Brand: Rubbee
Model: Rubbee Drive
Weight: 4.0 kg

Bike Trailer (Included)

Age: 1 to 3 years

Tour map

Castellina in Chianti


Radda in Chianti



Castelnuovo del abate

Castiglione d'Orcia







Travel information

How to get to the starting location

  • Buy your flight(s) to Florence
  • Make sure to check online for any timetable changes
  • In case of a delay, please email or call your trip leaders

What to pack

We ask you to limit the number of bags you bring to 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on luggage, due to the limited space in our minivan. In order to deliver your bags to your room, we ask that each bag has a clear luggage identification tag.

What to pack for biking:

  • Padded cycling shorts
  • Cycling jersey
  • Cycling jacket
  • Bike shoes & pedals
  • Sneakers
  • Cycling gloves
  • Rain jacket
  • Cycling pants
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Shoe covers & booties
  • Cycling headband or cap
  • Windbreaker
What to pack for dinner:

  • Dress pants
  •  Shirt
  •  Polo
  • Jacket but not required
  •  Dress
  •  Skirt
  • Dress pants
  • Nice top

Pre & post trip lodging options


  • JK Palace | Rates: €€€€
  • Palazzo Vecchietti | Rates: €€€€€
  • Portraite Firenze | Rates: €€€€€
  • Helvetia & Bristol | Rates: €€€
  • 1865 Residenza D’Epoca | Rates: €€
  • Antica Torre Tornabuoni | Rates: €€€
  • Hotel Unicorno | Rates: €
  • Hotel Alba Palace| Rates: €
  • Hotel Bretagna | Rates: €

  • The St. Regis Florence | Rates: €€€€€
  • Villa Cora | Rates: €€€€
  • our Seasons Hotel Firenze | Rates: €€€€€

Room rate guide:

0 to 100€: €

101€ to 200€: €€

201€ to 300€: €€€

301€ to 400€: €€€€

401€ to 900€: €€€€€



  January February March April May June
High F 55 57 61 65 75 82
Low F 37 37 41 44 52 58
Prec. (In) 1.3 1.3 1.4 1.8 1.4 1.5
  July August September October November December
High F 88 88 80 72 62 55
Low F 63 65 58 53 45 39
Prec. (In) 0.8 1.0 3.9 2.5 4.5 3.2

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