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Italy Bike Tours – Cycling in Italy

From the famous climbs of the Dolomites to the hills of Tuscany, our Italy bike tours take cyclists through a wide variety of different landscapes. Ride your bicycle through beautiful olive grooves in Puglia. Enjoy a scenic route with Mount Etna in the distance in Sicily. Cycle through Barolo, a town in Piedmont, famous for its amazing wine. Bicycle through green alpine meadows in South Tyrol. Or even ride through the Tuscan countryside with your friends and family. Biking in Italy is simply wonderful.

Dolomites (Easy)

This bike tour through South Tyrol takes you cycling at the foot of some the highest mountains in South Tyrol. Discover the great local culture and south Tyrolean cuisine.

6 days | Easy | $4,098

Dolomites (Avid)

Discover the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Avid cyclists will enjoy cycling through the Eastern Dolomites as they will ride some of the most famous climbs in Italy. If you are up for it, join us for an amazing week in the Italian Dolomites.

6 days | Avid | $4,098


Explore Piedmont, a region for food and wine lovers. Surrounded by the Piemonte mountains, the Piedmont region provides the perfect opportunity to cycle through lovely towns and taste exclusive Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

6 days | Moderate | $4,498


Touring Puglia is a treat as it is known for its blinding white towns and wonderful Apulian cuisine. Explore Apulia with DIGnGO to eat delicious seafood and visit the most spectacular towns in Puglia.

6 days | Moderate | $4,398


Cycle through Sicily, located just off the toe of Italy’s boot. Start in Siracusa and ride across the island all the way to the Valley of the Temples. Learn about the Sicilian culture as you meet the locals and end your tour in Catania, the second largest city in Sicily.

6 days | Moderate | $4,898


Cycle through Tuscany, one of the most thought after destination in Italy. On this bicycle trip, you stay at small Tuscany villas, taste Tuscany wine and explore wonderful hilltop Tuscany villages.

6 days | Intermediate | $4,798

Tuscany Family

Travel through the Tuscan countryside with your kids. Cycle through a landscape that inspired many Tuscan artists and stay at some of the best Tuscan countryside hotels.

6 days | Easy | $2,898


Should I spend a few days in Rome before of after the trip?

If you’ve never been to Rome, we recommend that you spend a few days in Italy’s capital city before or after the trip. Don’t miss out on the Colosseum, the Sistine chapel or the Trevi fountain.

Should I spend a few days in Florence before of after the trip?

Florence is a wonderful destination that should be on your list. The city of Firenze is the birthplace of Renaissance and it attracts more than 9 million tourists every year.

Should I spend a few days in Venice before of after the trip?

If you are traveling to the Dolomites, we advise you to stay a few days in Venice, following your bike trip. It’s a city build on water and its origin dates back to around 400 A.D. In town, don’t miss out on a gondola ride on the Venice canals.

Why not take a self-guided tour?

Self guided travel is very popular but you have to do everything yourself. Fixing a bike in case of an issue, looking for a hotel or even finding a restaurant. Not to mention, there is no minivan support along the way and all the visits are self-guided. On a guided bike tour, there is a guide leading you around the area, providing snack along the way and giving you history, whereas when you are on your own, you take a self guided walk and that’s it.

I’m worried I won’t be able to follow other cyclists?

Don’t worry, our bike tours are designed for different cyclists from recreational to avid. Bike riding is done at your own pace and all you have to do is follow your Garmin GPS.

What type of bicycle should I choose?

On our tours, we include a touring bicycle for everyone. However, we have other bikes available, from e-bikes to racing bikes.

Should I upgrade to a road bike?

Choosing to upgrade for a road bike instead of a touring bike depends on your cycling ability, so contact our office if you have any questions. We have lightweight road bikes available for men and women.

I’m worried about the hills and climbs?

Most of our bike tours have been designed for leisure cyclists and most of the hills are small hills. However, if you are an avid cyclist looking for some challenging climbs, we have tour in the Dolomites with a category 2 climb and many other climbs that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

I love wine, where should I travel?

There are many destinations that focus on wine. For example, Piedmont is a destination where you will learn about wine and the different types of wines.

How does it work if I want to ride a different route than my partner?

No problem, you don’t have to ride along next to each other. We provide a Garmin GPS with a ride that is pre-planned. Just follow it and go at your own pace. We also have multiple routes available and you can choose to ride the shortest route if you wish to relax at your hotel in the afternoon.

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