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Bike Tours in Italy

Bike touring in Italy with DIGnGO takes you on a cycling adventure through bella Italia. The amazing bike routes in Tuscany lead you on a ride from Siena to Chianti. Our most challenging bicycle tour in Italy guides you through the famed Dolomites. And the best bike rides in Italy take you biking just off the toe of Italy’s boot. Our biking trips in Italy have been designed so that you ride amazing cycling routes, eat at wonderful ristoranti and venture off the beaten path deeper into Italy.

7 biking trips in Italy

Bike riding in Italy and through the Italian Alps

Dolomites bike tour (easy)

Ride through the Dolomites on your way to Venice.

6 days | Easy | $4,098

A bike ride through Italy's Dolomites

Dolomites bike tour (avid)

Bike some of the famous passes of the Giro d’Italia.

6 days | Avid | $4,098

An Italian bike vacation through Piedmont

Piedmont bike tour

Ride your bicycle through the wine country of Piedmont.

6 days | Moderate | $4,498

A bicycle tour in Italy

Puglia bike tour

Explore Southern Italy while cycling through olive groves.

6 days | Moderate | $4,398

A bike trip in Italy with family and friends

Sicily bike tour

A wonderful cycling vacation through Sicily.

6 days | Moderate | $4,898

A bike tour in Italy Tuscany

Tuscany bike tour

Starting in Florence, bike through Toscana.

6 days | Intermediate | $4,798

Cycle touring Italy with a family

Tuscany family bike tour

Biking in Tuscany with your family.

6 days | Easy | $2,898

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