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Bike Tours France – Cycling in France

From endless acres of vineyards in Burgundy to villages in Provence or chateaux in the Loire Valley, our bike tours in France take cyclists riding through some of the most beautiful locations in France. You ride your bicycle at the foot of the Mont Ventoux. You pedal by gorgeous vineyards in Bordeaux, Alsace or Champagne. You ride your bike along the famous D-Day beaches on our Normandy & Brittany cycling holiday. You explore the island of Corsica. Or you discover the Périgord as you bicycle through Dordogne. No matter the destination, a bike tour in France with DIGnGO is a cycling vacation of a lifetime.


This bicycle tour in Alsace takes cyclists riding on the Alsace wine route and to some of the best Alsace wineries. The Alsace region is mostly known for the towns of Ribeauville and Colmar as well as its wonderful Gewurtztraminer and Riesling.

6 days | Moderate | $4,498


Bordeaux is the starting location of your trip. You then ride your bicycle by some of the world’s most famous chateaux. On day 3, the Bordeaux region is left behind as you transfer to Dordogne.

6 days | Moderate | $4,698


Burgundy is one of the best wines in the world. Southern Burgundy and the Burgundy wine region are on your itinerary giving the opportunity to try red burgundies as well as white Burgundy wines and learn more about the Burgundy wine classification.

6 days | Moderate | $4,598


Champagne is famous around the world. This bicycle tour through the Champagne region takes cyclists riding through the most famous area for you to try different Champagne brands as well as different types of champagne. From Blanc de Blanc to Blanc de Noirs or brut you’ll find something for your palate.

6 days | Moderate | $4,698


Corsica has retained a distinct and fiercely independent identity. The island of Corsica offers spectacular landscapes, beautiful mountains and white sandy beaches. Join us today!

6 days | Active | $4,898

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is known worldwide for its famous chateaux. However, the Loire Valley region is a great cycling destination for many more reasons. You ride your bicycle through picture perfect towns. You cycle on traffic free roads. And you taste wines of the Loire Valley.

6 days | Easy | $4,598


Normandy is a region with a beautiful countryside and rugged coast. This bicycle tour through the Normandy region takes cyclists riding the roads where the invasion of Normandy and the battle of Normandy occurred.

6 days | Easy | $4,498


Provence is known for its diverse landscapes. You start cycling at the foot of the highest of all the mountains in Provence. You cycle from the Luberon to the Alpilles. No matter the time of the year, the Provence region is spectacular year-round.

6 days | Intermediate | $4,798

Dordogne Family

Discover the Dordogne region, often referred as the Périgord. Canoeing the Dordogne river is a fun activity kids enjoy, while adults keep cycling through the Dordogne Valley. However, everyone gets to visit some of the most stunning caves and castles in Dordogne.

6 days | Moderate | $2,898

Loire Valley Family

The Loire valley is a safe and easy cycling destination. Thanks to its chateaux and countryside, La Loire Valley set the perfect stage for a cycling vacation of a lifetime.

6 days | Easy | $2,798

Normandy & Brittany Family

Brittany also called Bretagne in French is where this bike tour starts. The Brittany region is often referred as the Corsica of the north as it has stunning scenery and amazing coastline.

6 days | Easy | $2,798


Why not take a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is the way most of us travel but you have to do everything yourself. Fixing a bike in case of an issue, looking for a hotel or even finding a restaurant. Not to mention, there is no minivan support along the way and all the visits are self-guided. On a guided bike tour, there is a guide leading you around the area, providing snack along the way and giving you history. However, a self-guided tour doesn’t include any support along the way.

I’m worried I won’t be able to follow other riders?

Don’t worry, riders of all ability levels are welcome on our trips. Avid and beginner riders are free to cycle at their own pace.

Will I ride a stage of the Tour de France?

The Tour de France consists of 21 stages and is a famous bicycle race but we don’t have a tour that follows the race. However, we don’t have a tour that follows the race. However, we often ride the routes you may have seen on TV. The Tour de France bike stage of the Mont Ventoux is a famous climb and may be included on private trips. If you really want to follow the bicycle race of the Tour de France, contact us and we will be happy to design a private trip for you and your friends.

Should I stay in Paris and visit the Eiffel tower before or after the trip?

Paris is called the city of light for a good reason. In fact, the city of Paris is well worth a visit and whether or not you have been there before, we recommend that you stay a few days before or after the trip in the French capital. The Eiffel tower is definitely a sight you don’t want to miss. As an advice, the Eiffel tower is a sight to visit.

Do you offer a trip through the French Alp?

A trip in the French Alp is not listed on our website. However, if you are an avid cyclist looking to challenge yourself, you may contact us for a private tour. A trip through the French Alp is definitely a challenging adventure.

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