Bike Tours in France

Explore France as you bike through the world’s most fascinating destination. From the lavender fields of Provence to the endless vineyards of Bordeaux and the D-Day beaches of Normandy, France has a lot to offer. Thanks to our experience, each cycling journey is carefully designed so that you can discover it all.

Alsace6 Days / 5 NightsModerate$4,098
Bordeaux6 Days / 5 NightsModerate$4,398
Burgundy6 Days / 5 NightsModerate$4,198
Champagne6 Days / 5 NightsModerate$4,398
Corsica6 Days / 5 NightsActive$4,598
Loire Valley6 Days / 5 NightsEasy$4,198
Normandy6 Days / 5 NightsEasy$3,898
Provence6 Days / 5 NightsIntermediate$4,098

Alsace Bike Tour

Biking Level: Moderate

Bordeaux Bike Tour

Biking Level: Moderate

Burgundy Bike Tour

Biking Level: Moderate

Champagne Bike Tour

Biking Level: Moderate

Corsica Bike Tour

Biking Level: Active

Loire Valley Bike Tour

Biking Level: Easy

Normandy Bike Tour

Biking Level: Easy

Provence Bike Tour

Biking Level: Intermediate