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How many travelers on each trip?

We limit the number of guests on each tour to 7. This ensure each guest receives exceptional support and attention.

How many leaders are they on each tour?

Up to 2 guests, there is 1 trip leader on each tour. On all trips with 3 or more guests, there is a minimum of 2 leaders per tour for a ratio of 1 leader for every 3 guests.

How do you accomodate different biking level?

Each day you have a choice of multiple ride options, which means that on certain days you may want to take it easy whereas on other days you may want to challenge yourself. Whatever route you choose, you are free to go at your own pace.

Could you explain the different biking levels?

1 | Level 1: You ride over fairly flat terrain with a few small hills. This is all very feasible on a first bicycle tour. Maximum elevation goes up to 1,000 feet. 2 | Level 2: You ride over fairly flat terrain thats includes slight inclines and some occasional climbs. You must be at ease when riding a bicycle. Maximum elevation goes up to 2,400 feet. 3 | Level 3: You ride over gently rolling terrain, with some occasional longer climbs. You must ride your bike regularly. Maximum elevation goes up to 3,600 feet. 4 | Level 4: You ride over rolling terrain, with repeated climbs. You must ride your bike a couple times a week and enjoy tackling a challenging climb. Maximum elevation goes up to 4,700 feet. 5 | Level 5: You ride over hilly terrain, with many challenging climbs. You must be an avid cyclist and love to push yourself. Maximum elevation is over 4,700 feet.

What happens with my luggage?

Your leaders transport your luggage to your next destination and make sure it is in your room at your arrival.

Can I order off the menu or do I have a set menu?

You have a choice of 2 or 3 dishes. The first lunch and 4 dinners are included. Note that during the week you have 4 lunches and 1 dinner on your own allowing you to discover the local cuisine by yourself.

Do you have a list of hotels you recommend for pre trip?

Hotels are listed in the itinerary.

Can I make an existing date private or choose my own dates?

Booking your private group will cost an extra $500 per person for 2 – 7 guests. To make an existing date private or choose your own custom dates, contact us.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Our team works closely with the chefs to make sure they adapt to any food restrictions.

How much does it cost to upgrade my bike?

Road bikes and Electric-assist bikes are available at no extra cost.

Can I bring my own bike?

If you wish to bring your own bike you can but please note that that we can’t assume responsibility of the safety or damage of your bike. In addition, you are responsible for a having a bike in prefect working condition and have all the necessary spare parts with you during the trip. Finally, it is also your responsibility to assume the shipping to and from the trip as well as your responsibility to assemble and disassemble your bike. Note that we may not be able to carry your bike box in our minivan to transfer from one hotel to the other due to limited space in our minivan. Please note, that no discount is offered for bringing your own bike.

Can I adjust my bicycle stem?

Our touring bikes come with an adjustable stems allowing you to raise the handlebar so you have a more upright riding position.

Can I bring my own bike shoes?

Yes. However, you also need to bring your own pedals.

What do you mean by multiple daily routes?

Each day we offer a range of mileage options and you decide how much activity you want to do.

Is there a minimum age to join a tour?

There isn’t any age restrictions but please note that anyone aged under 18 must be accompanied by (and share accommodation with) a parent or legal guardian. Note that for your kids we provide trailercycle and bike trailer.

Do I need to tip my leaders at the end of the week?

Tips are optional. However it is customary and appreciated to tip your leader(s) at the end of the trip. Industry standard is 5-10% of the trip price per team of leaders.

I don’t speak the language of the country, is it an issue?

No. Our leaders are fluent in English and speak the language of the country you are traveling to as well as usually 1 or 2 other languages.

How old are your clients?

Most of our clients are between the age of 40 and 60. However, we also have older and younger guests joining our tours.

If I am a solo traveler can you find me a roommate?

We can try but we can’t guarantee we will find one. If we don’t you will need to pay the single supplement fee.

Do I need to cycle on a regular basic to join your trips?

Not at all. Our tours are classified by activity level and you can choose the one that fits you best. If you would rather speak to one of our travel advisor to help you choose the right trip, contact us.

What if the weather is bad and we can’t bike one day?

We have a list of alternate activities available each day and we will arrange for an alternate activity.

What's Included / Not Included?

Included: All breakfasts, 1 lunch and 4 dinners, Multiple daily routes, A fully equipped bicycle, Handlebar & saddle bags, Helmet and water bottle, Garmin GPS with easy to follow directions, 1 leader for every 5 guests, Snack & drinks during the day, Gratuities at hotels and restaurants, Guided tours, tastings and entrance fees, A leader offering minivan support, Luggage transfers, Porterage, Minivan transfers during the trip, Local guides and experts, An email a few days prior to your trip

Not Included: Transportation to & from pick-up/drop-off locations, Pre or post trip lodging, Minibar, massages, non scheduled activities, Alcoholic beverages, Gratuities for your Leaders (5-10% of the trip price)


How do I book a trip?

In order to make a reservation you may fill out our online booking form, call us at 1.888.883.7948 or send us an email at For all our trips, the deposit is 15% of the trip price. Payments must be made by Visa, Mastercard, Amex. The balance is due 90 days before the start of the trip.

Do you offer travel insurance?

DIGnGO has partnered with Allianz and offer a travel insurance that covers you. For a summary of details, including the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusion of the plan, click here (6% of the trip price).

What is the cancellation policy?

If you must cancel your reservation, the cancellation fee will be based on our cancellation policy:
91 + days: Non refundable amounts / $500/person for private trips
61 – 90 days: 30% of the trip price
31 – 60 days: 50% of the trip price
0 – 30 days: 100% of the trip price

Can I transfer to another destination?

You may transfer from one trip to another up to 91 days before the departure of the trip after that our cancellation policy applies.

Can I reserve my DIGnGO vacation with my travel agent?

DIGnGO accepts reservations from travel agents. If you prefer to have your travel take care of your booking, please have him or her contact us directly. Pricing is the same whether you book directly with us or with your travel agent.

When will I receive my travel booklet?

Following your reservation, you will receive a Travel Booklet by email.

Could you provide me with guests references?

Our team will be glad to give you the names, email and numbers of guests that have recently been on our bike tours. Just email us or call our office at 1.888.883.7948.

Do you guarantee my trip departure?

Once you book a tour and as long as we have 2 guests, it is guaranteed to go. If we don’t manage to achieve this number, we will cancel the tour giving you a 90 days notice. If you wish you may transfer to another tour free of charge or ask to be reimbursed.

Family Trips

Do you have any age restrictions for some of the activities?

Yes. Some activities such as land sailing or canoe have some age restrictions. See each itinerary for more detail.

Do adults and children stay all the time together during the tour?

If you sign up for family tour there is a good chance you want to all be together. However, our family bike tours are designed so that you get to spend time with your kids but so that they also do activities on their own.

Is it required for kids to be in a car seat?

Parents with children younger than 4 years old are responsible for bringing their own seats.

Can kids ride in the van without an adult relative or guardian?

Your child needs to be 8 years or older to ride in the support van without a parent or guardian. If you have a younger child who wants a lift, one parent must ride along.

Do you offer meals for kids?

We know that kids have different tastes and might not want to each michelin star food every night… that’s why on all our tours we work closely with all the chefs of the different restaurants and create menus for the kids.

Is it possible to get connecting rooms?

As soon as you book with us, we will try to secure connecting rooms for your family. However, know that it is not available in all of our hotels.

Do you have children bikes?

For kids age 1 to 3 years old, we have burley trailers. For kids 4 to 7 years old, we have piccolos. For older kids, we have 20 and 24 inches bicycles. Please note that it is the parents responsibility to pull the piccolo or the Burley.

Is childcare available?

No, childcare is not available on any of our tours.

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