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Our Europe Bike Tours are lifetime cycling adventures. For years, we’ve been leading cyclists on the Danube bike path, through Czech Republic and along the Dalmatian Coast. Biking along the Danube river is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the Drau bicycle path. Bicycling through Bohemia takes cyclists riding from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. And a bike ride in Holland is a lifetime adventure. No matter the destination, our bike trips in Europe are designed for cyclists of all level and ages.

Bike Trip in Czech Republic & Austria

This bike trip combines the best of Czech Republic and Austria as it travels from Melk to Prague over the course of 6 days.

6 days | Easy | $4,098

Bike Touring in Croatia

Go bike touring in Croatia and experience the Dalmatian Coast, one of Europe’s new hotspot.

6 days | Moderate | $5,398

Cycling in Holland

Cycling on safe cycle trails, through pretty flower fields or along iconic windmills, you’ll discover the best of the Netherlands.

6 days | Easy | $4,298

Cycling Tour in Switzerland

This cycling tour leads you to some of the famous passes in Switzerland before cyclists transfer to the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

6 days | Active | $4,898

Czech Republic Family Bike Tour

This bike tour offers the very best of Czech Republic and Austria as you cycle through the Wachau Valley and along the Donau.

6 days | Easy | $2,798

Holland Family Bike Vacation

Our bike vacation through Holland is the perfect opportunity to enjoy family time and explore the Netherlands and its iconic sights.

6 days | Easy | $2,898

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