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Frequently Asked Questions

A new job usually means a new life. From riding through a city or transferring guests by car to their next destination, each day is an experience. Whether you’re looking for more information about health coverage, housing or travel expenses, we’ve got the answers to your questions below. Our mission is to offer people 6 days / 5 nights bicycle tours of a lifetime in France, Italy, Spain or anywhere else in the world and we’d like you to join the fun.


What does the job consist off?

Each day is different at DIGnGO and this is what makes this job fun and challenging. However, a typical trip may look like this:
Before the start of a trip, you need to drive the minivan with all the material to the starting location and make sure that everything is set before the start of the tour: routes, restaurants, activities. During the trip, each morning you get to the guests hotel about 1 hour before the meeting time with them to setup their bikes, tune those if needed, install the GPS and load the luggages if you are transferring to the next hotel. Once the guests arrive, it is time to explain them what the day’s route looks like. Then, you are on your way. In the evening, it is time to clean the bikes and get ready for the next day. If you are missing snacks for the next day’s route or gas for your minivan, it is time to get this done. Now that the day is over, you get some rest and get ready for what tomorrow may bring.

Do I need to be a bike mechanic?

No, it is not necessary to have any qualifications as a bike mechanic to be selected for this employment opportunity with DIGnGO but it is better to know how to remove and install pedals, remove and replace a bike chain, change and ajust a bike saddle, change a tube, fine tune front and rear break etc…

Do I need to be an excellent cyclist?

Trip leaders must be in excellent physical condition but it is not mandatory to be an avid cyclist. However, you must be fit enough to be able to ride the distance and terrain on any of our tours (between 20 and 50 miles a day). On a tour you bike one day and one day you are in the minivan as you switch with your co-leader. However you must be able to ride everyday if needed.

What is the average age of a trip leader?

Most of the trip leaders are in their late 20’s and 30’s.

Do you pay for travel expenses?

DIGnGO pays for all the travel expenses to get from the leaders house to the destination you work in, whether it is by car, flight or train.

Do you pay for meals during a tour?

DIGnGO pays for your 1st day meal as well as all breakfasts. However, leaders are responsible for paying all the other meals during a tour.

Do you guaranteed a mimimum amount of work?

Even though we try to give you as many weeks of work as we can, this varies according to reservations and your availability.

Is first aid mandatory?

First aid is mandatory and you are responsible for the cost of this certification.

Do most trip leaders have previous guiding experience?

No! It is not a requirement that you have previous guiding experience, what really matters is your dedication to exceptional customer service and a desire to provide our guests with an amazing vacation.

Is transportation covered if the trip leaders want to get back home in between tours?

No, if you choose to travel home in between tours the cost is yours.

Do you have any drivers licence requirements?

In order to be considered, you must be 21 years old and have no offense on your driving record.

How much do we get paid?

DIGnGO offers a great working environment, you get paid to travel and meet amazing guests from all over the world. Our daily rate while guiding is within the industry standard. If you have specific skills such as repair and maintenance of bike equipment those are very useful and will be paid by the hour. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask during the interview process we will be glad to answer.

I am a US citizen, can I apply ?

If you have a visa allowing you to work as an independant contractor or if you have a Europeen passeport you are welcome to apply. Unfortunatly, we cannot sponsor you or get you a visa.

Do I get to earn tips as a trip leader?

Over the years leaders have mentioned that they receive tips which represents a good amount of their income. Note that tips are not guaranteed but vary from tour to tour, from guest to guest and are based on the quality of the service you offer. In terms of law it is your responsibility to comply with the law of your country and declare those.

What documents do I need if I am given a contract?

Copy of your Driver’s licence
Copy of your driving record
Letter from doctor certifying your health
Copy of your First Aid Certification. The certification must be valid until the end of the year
Copy of your medical insurance
Copy of your passport
Laptop/Tablet (Word, Excel, Skype)
Proof of independent contractor status

How do I get a copy of my driving record?

Here is a link that explain how to get a copy of driving record based on the country your are from.

I am not an independent contractor, how do I become one?

It is usually very easy and we recommend that consult with the chamber of commerce of your country of residence.

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