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Bike Tours for Singles & Solo Travelers

When you’re a traveling solo and looking for adventure, the world’s most exciting tours don’t seem for you. You’ve dreamed of taking a bike tour, but other singles don’t want to join you. Be independent by sriding with other people. Don’t feel like a solo traveler as you meet up with other individuals who’re passionate about cycling and exploring Europe.


Why travel solo

While traveling solo being alone is usually extremely difficult. You now have the perfect solution with biking tours guided by knowledgeable tour guides. You meet like-minded individuals who have a passion for active travel and enjoy cycling with a small-group.


Consider a roommate

Single travelers are often challenged by the single supplement fees. A single-room is guaranteed but the single supplement fee is charged. Instead, you may try a roomate. You’ll stay in a bedroom with two beds and this solo traveler is chosen out of your traveling group.


Don’t worry about traveling solo

Traveling alone can be scary. You may be concerned about being left behind on a given cycling route. Or you’re used to riding with another individual as you challenge yourselves. Knowing that your tour guides are there for you is reassuring. They ensure that each traveler is accounted for throughout the day.


Bike tours for solo travelers

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an important increase in the number of solo bookings.  If you’re looking for an amazing cycling adventure, you should check the tours below. Singles from across the globe converge into small groups of maximum 14 individuals. Make friendships that can last a lifetime by booking a biking trip with DIGnGO, one of the most popular bike tour companies.


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