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Bike Tours for Seniors

Seniors are a huge group of travelers who’re just waiting for the right tour to come along. You now have a fascinating solution with biking tours guided by experienced tour guides. Whatever your age, get on your bike and ride along with other seniors.


Health benefits of biking at an advanced age

It’s been known for years that health benefits for seniors who cycle on a regular basis include :

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Strengthened bones
  • Better muscle strength
  • Better circulation
  • Reduced depression


Perfectly designed bike tours for retired travelers

You’ve been enjoying your retirement and a cycling trip sounds like a wonderful adventure. Our bike tours are designed for the elderly, so don’t worry about cycling on our trips as it’s easy enough for most senior citizens. And the cycle route is aimed to appeal to all seniors.


Bikes designed for seniors and older boomers

Your riding experience is quickly marred when a bicycle is just too heavy to manoeuvre. We provide lightweight bikes designed for older adults and riders over 60.


Biking tours for seniors of all ages

If you’re looking for a wonderful adventure to meet other elders while exercising, try cycling. It’s the perfect activity for boomers. Check out the cycling trips in Europe below because your retirement years are meant to be enjoyed.

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