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Guided Bike Tours over Self-Guided Bike Tours

As you contemplate your next grand bike tour, a guided cycling adventure may be what you’re looking for. Crafting a bicycle journey requires hours of planning and you won’t know where to start. Luckily, tour operators do it for you. Read below as to why take a guided bike tour over a self-guided bicycle trip.


Support is given by your guides

Support is extremely important when bicycle touring. On escorted tours, your tour guides explain what to expect and where support will be given. You have a guide that follows the group with the support van while the other tour guide is riding his bicycle with you. However, on self-governing tours you’re on your own if anything happens.


No guidebook needed

On a guided bicycle tour, there is a plan for each day but you don’t need a guidebook. Whether you’re enjoying a walking tour of a World Heritage Site or visiting a local museum, your local guides will share some of there knowledge with you.


You may ride your bicycle on your own

Even-though you’re traveling with a group, you don’t have to ride together. Your local representative is there to escort the group but you may cycle on your own as the support van will meet you along the cycling route.


On escorted bike tours you have the comfort of a guide. It includes hotels, transportation, transfers, luggage transfers, guided activities and most meals. No need to hire a guide, it is included.

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