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Biking in Alsace, France
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Gourmet Bike Tours Vs Classic Cycling Vacations

You might be wondering if a gourmet bike tour is what you’re looking for. From gourmet meals and refined preparations to fine drinks and wonderful wine tastings, this is the perfect cycling trip for the discerning palate. Epicureans will love exploring the culinary arts of fine food as they ride their bicycle.


Gourmet meals

You may not be a gastronome but you’ll love gourmet food following a challenging bicycle ride. No worries about finding the best restaurant for dinner, your experienced tour guides will take you there. Based on you appetite, just decide if you prefer rich courses, elaborate preparations of smaller portions. We’ve approved of eateries that won’t leave you hungry for too long.


Wine tastings

As you ride your bicycle, don’t forget to stop for fine wine tastings. Whether tasting a red Burgundy, white Alsace or a great Bordeaux, gourmets and foodies will improve their palate for wine.


Gourmet cooking

Following a nice bike ride on a scenic cycling route, take a one in a lifetime cooking lesson with a gourmet chef. Learn the culinary arts of fine food. Elaborate your own refined preparations with local ingredients. And improve your cooking skills.


Culinary cycling tours

There is no better way to explore local gastronomy than with DIGnGO cycling trip. Join us to discover amazing culinary delights and refined preparations from local chefs.

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