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Our bicycle blog covers touring tips, cycling gear and bicycle-travel news. It also provides tips and advice to cyclists of all levels and ages. Each guest blogger share his/her story with you through daily updates. Our bike blog is also great to find information about our bicycle routes and tours.

The Best Cycling Blogs

The Best Cycling Blogs have one thing in common, they are written by experts.

A Cyclist Blog

Our cyclist blog is written by cycling specialists for leisure and avid bicyclists.

A Cycling Blog for Bike Fans

This cycling blog covers bicycle-news, biking tips, advice and touring tips.

Family Bike Tours – Bike Touring with Children

Home »  From cycling through the Loire Valley to biking along Omaha Beach, our family bike tours are designed for kids of all ability levels and ages. It is a great way for you to relax, while knowing that your children are having a wonderful time. Whether you’re...

Plan a Bike Trip – Bike Trip Planner

Home »  The bike tour of your dreams can either be guided or self-guided, however whatever your style, to plan a bike trip takes some time. It requires hours of planning and can be overwhelming. Your route determines your all experience and the quality of your bicycle...

Bike Tour Guide – Bike Guide Jobs

Home »  Being a bike tour guide means that you’re the tour leader of a small group of enthusiastic riders. Every week, our bike guides go on a new adventure, making sure that each day is even more amazing than the previous one. The guests are taken to various cities,...

Luxury Bike Trips – Luxury Cycling Holidays in Europe

From cycling on a scenic route along the Dalmatian Coast to a wine tasting in the middle of the Burgundy vineyards, our luxury bike trips take cyclists out to the lesser-known parts of a region. A bike trip gives you a great workout during the day while enjoying the...

Guided Bike Tours – Adventure Cycling Tours

As you contemplate your next grand adventure, a guided bike tour may be at the top of your list. However, crafting a journey so that your cycling tour takes you around a region is a daunting task. You won’t know where to start. Luckily, our tour company takes your...

Gourmet Bike Tours – Why Take a Gourmet Bike Tour

As you look into a cycling tour, you find a startling difference in prices when it comes to gourmet bike tours compare to a classic cycling holiday. You might wonder if the investment is worth the money. The cost reflects the attention and amenities that cyclists...

Singles Bike Tours – Adventure Trips for Singles over 30

When you’re single and looking for adventure, some of the world’s most exciting holidays seem out of reach. You’ve dreamed of biking in Europe, but other single cyclists don’t want to join you. Be independent by riding with other people. Feel the strength of your...

Women Bike Tours – Cycling Tours for Women

Europe may be on your bucket list, but you’re a bit worried about traveling alone as a female. There is no better way to explore the countryside than to ride a bicycle and join other cyclists. Women should feel empowered to head off to Europe on an exploratory cycling...

Bike Tours for Seniors – Senior Cycling Tours

Home »  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to tour Normandy or explore Holland, you now have a unique way to achieve that bucket-list goal. Senior travel is growing extremely fast, while bike tours for seniors are becoming very popular. Senior cyclists...

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