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DIGnGO is a company offering luxury bike tours in Europe. At DIGnGO, we believe there is a better way to travel. A more valuable, less stressful way where you enjoy the benefits and enormous satisfaction of traveling under your own power. We’re passionate about it and our mission is to bring you the satisfaction of discovering the world on your own two wheels.

A Family Business

DIGnGO was founded in 2006 by two brothers from Burgundy, Flavien and Kilian Cassier. Flavien was a tour guide in France and Italy while Kilian was a student in Florida. Working from their bedrooms, they designed their first trip through Burgundy before creating 3 more adventures through some of the most popular destinations in France.

They called their company DIGnGO. The name was a play on the word dig “to apply oneself voraciously, vigorously or energetically” as well as the word go “to move from one place to another” and aptly reflected Flavien and Kilian’s mission “to bring you the satisfaction of discovering the world on your own two wheels”.

Over the next few months, DIGnGO launched several new bike tours in France, and that home-based company transformed into a small tour operator and led us to our first office: an apartment in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, owned by one of Flavien’s friends. One desk, two laptop computers and a beautiful view on the Lac Léman set the stage for those early days.

In the following years, DIGnGO grew rapidly — hiring trip leaders and creating bicycle trips in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Austria. It outgrew the apartment and DIGnGO moved to its current office in Rolle, Switzerland.

With active and adventure travel more important than ever, we’ve decided to keep our strategy to what we know best: cycling. We’re always making adjustments to our tours and continue to design new biking trips. Although Flavien and Kilian are not leading the trips anymore and we’ve added many new destinations, our passion for traveling on our own two wheels has stayed the same.

Our Team

Flavien Cassier


Being a natural born entrepreneur, Flavien holds a bachelor in business and communication from Arizona State University …

Kilian Cassier


Kilian co-founded DIGnGO with his brother while finishing his bachelor in international business at Northwood University …

Simon T.

Trip Leader

Originally from England, I live in Greece part of the year while the rest of the time I work as as a ski instructor in the winter …

India G.

Trip Leader

I was born in Washington DC but I am residing in France after completing a two month solo bicycle tour of Catalonia …

Douglas P.

Trip Leader

I was born in South Africa but I am on the road at least 50% of the time, cycling all over the world. I have cycled across all …

Laurent P.

Trip Leader

I’m an avid cyclist and I spend most of my free time, riding my bicycle around the world. In the winter, you’ll find me climbing …

Anjie V.

Trip Leader

Originally from California, I’ve worked in the corporate world for years before changing life by moving to France and try …

Martin P.

Trip Leader

International business graduate, trilingual, and avid traveller I’ve lived on many continents from Australia to South America …

Pierre-Alexandre M.

Trip Leader

Born and raised in France, I am an International business graduate. I love all kinds of outdoor activities like playing Rugby …

Robbie T.

Trip Leader

I am currently living and working in Chamonix, France, during the winter while being a bike leader in the summer. …

Franck V.

Trip Leader

You’ll find me cyclo-touring, fat-biking or mountain biking all year round, mainly in the central and southern part of France …

John Paul M.

Trip Leader

I played football to semi-professional level as a youth and captained many teams. I enjoy all sports but in 4 dedicated years, …

Clive E.

Trip Leader

Born in the UK, I have travelled extensively during the summers in France since 2005 using a motorhome while I spend my …

Brooke K.

Trip Leader

Born and raised in Canada, I have 2 passions, the outdoors and kids illustration as I have always loved to draw. During …

Thomas S.

Trip Leader

Born and raised in France, I have been traveling all over the world before coming back to my home country. I now live …

Sarah M.

Trip Leader

Originally from Scotland, I am a ski and snowboard instructor in the winter. I love being outdoor and combining my love …

Nicholas V.

Trip Leader

I have had many lives. I have worded as a chef, chalet host and chauffeur. I’ve also worked in the UK’s outdoor retail industry …

Jesse M.

Trip Leader

In the past, I’ve worked as a professional driver for a transfer company in the winter, driving clients to the French and Italian …

Gary W.

Trip Leader

I started cycling as a young kid and grew up watching the TDF. Soon I was racing at a national level before starting in a …

Jean-Baptiste C.

Trip Leader

I have a few degrees, one in sociology, one in anthropology and one in tourism. I’ve worked in Brazil organising eco tourist …

Sam T.

Trip Leader

During the winter, I work as a ski instructor in Courchevel as I am passionate about the Alps while in the summer, …

Flynn J.

Trip Leader

I was born and raised in Australia. I am passionate about the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. Since, living in France, …

Christopher R.

Trip Leader

I lived in Argentina, Colombia, Italia and Slovenia. I now live in France and I’m a lyric singer. I love cooking and wine …

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