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Our family bike tours are designed for toddlers, teens and young adults. They are amazing cycling adventures allowing you to relax, while knowing that children are having a wonderful time. Read below as a family bike tour with DIGnGO is the perfect cycling trip.


Family biking vacations with toddlers

Traveling with toddlers often worries families. However, it shouldn’t. We are trained to deal with very young kids and we have cycling trips designed for you and your children. If you plan on bicycle touring with youngsters, you may join us in Holland or Czech Republic.


Family bike trips with teenagers

Traveling with teenagers is often challenging. It requires you to please adults and kids. Our family multisport vacations are designed for the whole gang, allowing you to have a great time. If you are traveling with teens, cycling in Normandy or the Loire Valley is guaranteed to be a great adventure.


Family bicycle vacations with young adults

As kids get older, they often want to challenge themselves as they are traveling by bicycle. Older kids and extended family will love bicycling through Dordogne or Tuscany. Boys and girls 18 and over will love these family cycling vacations.


Family biking vacations with family-friendly pricing

On all our family biking vacations, we offer a 10% discount to children 12 and under.

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