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The bike tour of your dreams can either be guided or self-guided, however whatever your style, to plan a bike trip takes some time. It requires hours of planning and can be overwhelming. Your route determines your all experience and the quality of your bicycle can make or break the tour. You may want to ride the 6 miles up the Passo Pordoi. Cycle a famous bike route in Holland. Or take a biking trip through the rolling hills of Piedmont. Whether you’re cycling a scenic road along the Dalmatian coast or riding a nice trail through the Burgundy vineyards, planning a bike trip requires more experience than you imagine. Let DIGnGO be your bike trip planner and craft the perfect bicycle tour for you.


Here is a step-by-step guide of how to plan your DIGnGO bike tour

1. Select the destination for your bicycle tour

Wherever you decide to go, a DIGnGO bicycle tour is designed to provide all its guests with a bike tour of a lifetime. However, touring cyclists tend to forget that the destination is an important factor of a once in a lifetime bicycle touring experience so make sure to pick the right destination for you. 


2. Choose the type of biking trip you’re looking for

Choosing the right biking trip is an important step toward the perfect bike tour. There are many bike tour companies out there so make sure to check our differences first. Whether you’re traveling as a single, a couple or a family, our cycling vacations are planned to appeal to each rider on the tour. The itinerary offers activities based on peoples’ interests so it is important to check all our bike trips for seniors and family trips if you are traveling with kids. 


3. Pick your Route based on your level of ability

Each day provides multiple bike routes ranging from 20 to 60 miles, so that each rider enjoys the day’s ride. Every morning, your trip leaders show you the route plan and help you choose the perfect route for your ability level. However, we recommend that you select a trip based on its activity level (easy, moderate, intermediate, active or avid). In fact, each bike route is designed to appeal to different types of cyclists but you should still check the elevation gain indicated on our itineraries. Even though, our biking routes are designed on almost traffic free roads and bicycle paths, road conditions can sometimes make your trip a little more challenging than you would have expected.


4. Select your type of bicycle

Once you’ve selected your destination, your type of tour and the level of ability, you’re left with selecting the correct bike. A DIGnGO bike tour always includes a high-end touring bicycle. We provide all the bicycle accessories needed for the trip, so you don’t need to go to your local bicycle shop. However, you may bring your own cycling gear. You may be planning on cycling most of our longer options and in that case you may choose to upgrade for a road bike for an additional charge. We also offer electric bikes on request so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning an upgrade to a road-bike or e-bike.


5. Booking your flights and train tickets

Last but not least, is how to get to the starting location of your tour. We understand that trying to figure out how to travel from one place to another might be time consuming so don’t forget that our tour advisors are here to help.

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