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Bike tour guide bicycle touring in the Loire Valley

Being a bike tour guide means that you’re the tour leader of a small group of enthusiastic riders. Every week, our bike guides go on a new adventure, making sure that each day is even more amazing than the previous one. The guests are taken to various cities, vineyards and other attractions as their bike touring guide gives support along the way. In essence, travelers have a wonderful time biking through the countryside, while a cycling tour guide shares his/her knowledge with them. Whether you’re taking guests on a ride through lavender fields in Provence, on a scenic route along the coast, or on a traffic-free road in Holland, our bicycle tours are meant to be adventures of a lifetime. You may have been on a trip across Spain, touring through France or even cycling in Chile, we can’t wait to hear from you. Join the bike ride today!


Lifestyle of a Cycle Touring Guide

From biking through the Dolomites landscapes to cycling on a traffic-free road in Andalucia, being a cycle tour guide is an amazing opportunity. Each day brings on a new adventure and each ride offers a new opportunity to get closer to the land and its people. It also brings a new set of new challenges, from difficult road conditions to a last minute change in the route plan. No matter where you’re heading for your next trip, your route will take you on many amazing adventures. 


Bike Guide Job Details

You’re probably wondering how to become a tour leader but you first need to know what the job consists of. Well, a trip is usually a week long so that our guests can see a good cross-section of a region. As a cycling tour leader, you can expect to be away from home for about 8 days during one of our bicycle tours. No worries, you’ll receive your schedule around 30 days beforehand so that you can plan your personal time around your work. No matter where you’re heading for your next few bicycle trips, the road is your office. 


Requirements to Become a Bicycle Tour Guide

Cycling takes most of your days, however, your biking level isn’t a very important factor as we look for passionate and knowledgeable people to guide our guests. You may have been biking for charity or taken a few local cycling rides, we want to hear from you. Nevertheless, a bicycle touring guide needs people skills, enthusiasm and historical knowledge. Each bike ride leads you through unique landscapes so you are required to know food-and-wine history along with unique trivia. Last but not least, bicycle knowledge is also a plus as bike tour guides act as mechanics while on the road with the riders. Touring is a way of life, so apply today!

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