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Bike tour guide bicycle touring in the Loire Valley

Being a bike tour guide means that you lead cycling tours during the summer season. Bicycle tour guides travel by bike and trips usually last a week. If you plan on becoming a mountain bike tour guide or a road bike guide, you should read below so that you know what to expect.


What is the average bike tour guide salary?

On guided bike tours, bike guides get around $100 a day. Most guides work for 6 days but some cycling adventures last 8 to 10 days.


What about bike tour guide tipping?

Bike tour guide tipping is customary on all guided cycling vacations. It represents a good amount of the guides income. Tour guides usually receive around 5% of the trip price per team of leaders. However, it varies from tour to tour and is based on the assistance provided by each cycling tour leader.


Looking for bike tour guide jobs?

Check our bike tour guide jobs right now. Your biking level isn’t very important as we look for passionate and knowledgeable trip leaders. You may have taken charity bike rides or a few local cycling trips, we want to hear from you. Nevertheless, a bicycle touring guide needs people skills, enthusiasm and historical knowledge. Each bike ride leads you through unique landscapes so you are required to know food-and-wine history along with unique trivia. Last but not least, bicycle knowledge is also a plus as bike tour guides act as mechanics while on the road with the riders.

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