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If you’ve never traveled on a luxury bike trip, you might be wondering if it is the cycling adventure you’re looking for. We stay at Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Relais & Chateaux. We look for the highest standards of quality and provide great service with high-end bikes. Keep reading below as a DIGnGO luxury bike trip is guaranteed to be unique.


Posh lodging

Luxury is all about the highest standards of quality. As if cycling wasn’t thrilling enough, you stay at four- or five-star premiere hotels. They’re carefully selected so that you are always taken aback by their luxury amenities and highly personalised services.


Gourmet cuisine

On all our bicycle tours you’re guaranteed to try local and gourmet cuisine. From a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant to an acclaimed local brasserie, you can be sure they have earned the highest rankings.


Highest quality service

We always want to offer the highest standards of quality. We do so throughout your bicycling journey as we take you to luxury hotels, posh restaurants and provide amazing service.

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