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From cycling on a scenic route along the Dalmatian Coast to a wine tasting in the middle of the Burgundy vineyards, our luxury bike trips take guests out to the lesser-known parts of a region. A cycling tour gives you a great workout during the day while enjoying the sights as you take breaks and explore top-notch hotels. Whether you’re taking a bike ride through spectacular landscapes or tasting wonderful wine, a DIGnGO cycling holiday is a unique experience. Keep reading below and find out the top seven reasons why cyclists need to join one of our tours.


1. The best bike touring route each day

Guests are usually concerned with the biking effort on a given tour. However, a luxury cycling holiday lets you keep up because there are multiple routes that you can choose from between destinations. Each morning, your trip leaders explain you the route plan for the day. Each route has a distinct topology that thrills riders of any age. Bring the whole family on a bike vacation, and no one ever feels overwhelmed with the route’s complexities. 


2. Name-brand bike trip equipment

There are many biking tour companies out there. However, a high-end cycling tour always matches you with name-brand equipment that is standard for each rider. On the other hand, a discount biking tour is completely different as it matches you with worn-down bikes that are less than comfortable. Road repairs are completed by the cycling personnel so that you don’t have to worry about breakdowns along the way. Make sure to bring your cycling gear & cycling shoes.


3. Logistics covered during your bike ride

Biking travel may conjure up thoughts of dragging your luggage right behind you. Don’t worry about the logistics of our trips as we take care of it. As your bike ride takes you through amazing landscapes, our team moves the luggage for each bike rider, which frees you up to enjoy the scenery. Tips for porterage services and hotel stays are also included in your travel fare. All you need to worry about is ride along your newfound friends.


4. Skilled guides with years of experience

Every detail down the route is carefully explained by your leaders on your tour. These highly experienced individuals know almost every aspect of the areas that they’re traveling across. They have more combined experience that you can imagine. Ask as many questions as you like because your trip leaders are thrilled to share their knowledge and experiences with you. 


5. World-class hotels on all our tours

As if the world around you wasn’t thrilling enough, each hotel stay is just as breathtaking. On each tour, you stay at hotels that are designated as four- or five-star accommodations. They might be huge properties or small treasures found within a wine country. On our guided trips in Europe, each property is carefully selected so that visitors are always taken aback by their beauty and amenities. 


6. Comfort built into the ride (road bike, touring bike or electric bike)

Your road-bike may be comfortable for several miles, but you’re on vacation. Stopping for some rest is part of the tour. Our minivan comes along on the route so that you can rest as you see fit. When you’ve had a snack or drink, hop back on your bike as desired. If you feel, you and your friends have had enough, your leaders take care of loading your road bicycles on our vehicle and you’re off to the hotel. Even the best self-guided bike tours in Europe don’t have this consideration. 


7. Locally based activities spark memories (wine tasting, truffle hunting, canoeing)

You’ve never experienced a region unless you’ve met and interacted with the locals. Participate in a wine tasting and taste some wine in the middle of the vineyards. Dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant for the perfect mix of gourmet food and amazing wines. Or cycle through vineyards and vines before swirling a wine glass and learning about the characteristics of wine. Each activity creates a memory that’s entirely unique and each ride takes you off-the-beaten-path. A premier bicycle tour company guarantees these excursions throughout the vacation. Wine degustation, truffle hunting, and canoeing are offered on many of our trips. 


A great cycling holiday

Luxury bike trips include scheduled activities and most meals. Rain is almost always possible across these regions, but there’s a plan B on each ride. Regardless of the weather, a cycling holiday guarantees the bicycle vacation of a lifetime. Europe looks entirely different after exploring its roads from the comfort of your bicycle. Join us on a cycling holiday in Europe Today!

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