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As you contemplate your next grand bike tour, a guided cycling adventure may be what you’re looking for. Crafting a bicycle journey is an adventure and you won’t know where to start. Luckily, our packages include guides that lead your group and give support. Read below as to why take a guided bike tour over a self-guided bicycling trip.


1. Support is given by your guides

Support is important. On guided bike tours you usually have one guide that rides with the group while another guide gives support. The guides are there to assist the group and support you as you ride your bicycle.


2. Escorted bike trips include guides & support

On a guided bicycle tour, there is a plan for each day but you don’t need a guidebook. Every morning, your tour guide explains what to expect and where support will be given. Then, your bike guide leads you on an amazing cycling adventure before your group as some time off to relax.


3. You don’t have to stick with the group

On group bike tours, you tend to ride together. Even-though you’re accompanied by a guide, it doesn’t mean you have to stay with the group at all times. The trip leader is there to escort the group but you may just go on your own as our support minivan will meet you along the way.

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