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As you look into a cycling tour, you find a startling difference in prices when it comes to gourmet bike tours compare to a classic cycling holiday. You might wonder if the investment is worth the money. The cost reflects the attention and amenities that cyclists encounter on a gourmet excursion. Participate in a wine tasting and taste wine in the middle of the vineyards or at one of the famous wineries in the region. Stroll through an open-air market in Provence. Take a wine tour in Barolo before lunch in town. Dine on wonderful food and wine. Take a look below at the reasons why our bike tour company is the perfect fit and make a decision that pays off with a lifetime adventure.


Gourmet food along the way

If you’ve been on a cycling trip before, the food and snacks during the riding may have been lacking. An apple and a water bottle are often the only amenities offered by standard, tour companies or nothing at all. During a lunch gourmet picnic, they often served you simple picnic food. A gourmet bike tour is different because the guide brings along a host of different foods (fruits, raisins and nuts, pretzels, energy bars, etc). Eat as you cruise through a wide-open region, or hop into the nearby minivan for a more relaxed snack. Your day is entirely designed by you. 


On-site bike repair during your cycling tour

A classic cycling tour typically require you to fix the equipment if your bicycle breaks down along the road. Taking it into a local cycling bike shop might be part of your day, while the costs are reimbursed to you at the end of your biking tour. This scenario doesn’t occur with a DIGnGO travel experience. Your trip leaders follow along and fix the equipment so that you can concentrate on biking to a local city or through the rural countryside. Luxury and comfort are the hallmarks of a gourmet cycling vacation in Europe. 


From wine tasting to open-air markets, fine dining throughout the day

A ride through the vineyards with just a few pieces of fruit isn’t a relaxing adventure. On a gourmet trip, each ride incorporate breaks with food and drink included in the price. Take a cooking lesson from a local, or take a wine tour and partake in a wine tasting. During the day, take a break at an open-air market. In the evening, learn the characteristics of wine as you participate in a wine degustation. Each region offers its own unique perspective on the dining world. Whether you’re walking through one of the many open-air markets of Provence or learning about the different types of wines, be a part of the country as you get to know traditional, cooking techniques. 


Early arrivals encourage relaxation

Taking a ride on hills and valleys during a classic outing might span the entire morning and afternoon. You arrive at the hotel feeling tired and with the sun almost set in the west. Gourmet cycling travel is different because it’s designed for the luxury and comfort of each rider. In the morning, your leaders give you the route plan for the day. Following lunch, ride a scenic route and arrive in the mid-afternoon so that you can enjoy those five-star, hotel amenities. A tasting is organised and the bicycles are put away until the morning, which gives you the rest of the evening to live it up with wine, food and other diversions. 


Evening dining defined

Food and wine is important so a gourmet restaurant is picked out for each evening. At times, there may be an open evening for you to explore the area on your own. Your leader gives you a list of approved eateries that won’t leave you hungry for too long. 


Guided lunches included

Food and wine to select after a long, morning ride isn’t fun when you’re ready for a hearty lunch. Our culinary cycling tours offer you a selection of different restaurants to explore as its lunch time. Leave your bikes with the guides as you discover the hills that might hide a restaurant that’s incredibly delectable. Other tours require a guessing game that can leave you more frustrated than satisfied. 


The perfect cycling holiday

Our gourmet bike tours are constantly filling and being updated with new and unique sites, from truffle hunting in Piedmont to cremant tasting in Burgundy. Make your next cycling holiday a luxurious one by traveling with our bike tour company. Cycling, wine, vineyards, and spectacular cuisine combine to create the perfect environment for a cycling holiday in Europe. A wine tasting teaches you about wine. An open-air market leads you through a typical village. And an electric bike takes you to the top of a challenging hill. The experiences with the guides and other guests are sure to accent your escape from reality. France, Italy, Spain and other Europeans destinations brim with history and fascinating activities to discover.

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