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Gourmet bike tours compare to classic cycling holidays are designed for the gastronomes. On a gourmet bicycling excursion, you discover the culinary arts of fine food and drink. You taste high quality wine, stroll through gourmet markets and enjoy some haute cuisine. Read below to learn about our cycling vacations for foodies.


Gourmet cycling travel provides fine cuisine throughout the day

Gourmet cycling travel is all about great food and drink. It can’t be a relaxing biking adventure if you’re only served a few fruits. Instead, take a cooking lesson with a gourmet chef, or partake in a wine tasting. During the day, stop at a gourmet market. In the evening, learn about wine as you participate in a wine degustation. Whether you’re walking through one of the gourmet markets or learning about wines, you get to know traditional, cooking techniques.


Gourmet food during you bicycle ride

If you’ve been on a cycling trip before, the gourmet snacks during the bicycle excursions may have been lacking. An apple and water are often the only snack provided on a bicycle journey. However, on a gourmet cycle holiday, the guides bring along different foods (fruits, raisins, nuts, pretzels, energy bars, etc).


Fine food for lunch

Food and wine to select after a long, morning bike ride isn’t fun when you’re ready for a hearty lunch. Our cycling tours for gourmets offer you different restaurants to explore as its lunch time. Lock your bikes as you stop at a restaurant using only ingredients of high quality.


Culinary delights for dinner

Epicureans and wine connoisseurs will love their dinners. Gourmet food and wine is important so a gourmet restaurant is picked out for each evening. There may be an open evening for you to try some rich courses on your own. We’ve approved of eateries that won’t leave you hungry for too long.


Join our amazing culinary cycling tours

By traveling with DIGnGO, you’re guaranteed a unique gourmet biking trip. Foodies, epicureans, gourmets and wine connoisseurs are sure to explore some amazing culinary delights and refined preparations as well as try amazing wines and high quality cuisine.

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