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Singles bike tours allow an individual to participate in a wonderful cycling adventure. When you’re single and looking to travel by bicycle other single cyclists don’t want to join you. Be independent by riding with other individuals. Learn how you won’t be traveling along on our solo cycling vacations.


Singles should not be traveling alone

Singles don’t want to be left out. When choosing a singles bike ride, make sure to follow your passion. By choosing a bicycle journey in this manner, you meet like-minded individuals who you can speak to with ease.


Looking for a roommate?

Solo travelers usually pay a single supplement. As a solution to this price increase, try a roommate. This single traveler is chosen out of your traveling group. We will both have your own single bed.


Don’t dine by yourself

Single travelers don’t have to worry about dining alone anymore. Each bicycle excursion is designed to bring individuals together and encourage camaraderie. Because you’ve been cycling all day, you all have something in common to discuss and laugh about. Friendships are solidified as long conversations turn into heartfelt discussions.


Solo travelers are welcome on our bicycle trips

Bike tours for singles take you on amazing bicycling adventures and it’s your time to shine as you book a trip. Other individuals come from across the globe and converge into small groups of maximum 14 people. Make friendships that can last a lifetime by booking a DIGnGO cycling trip today.

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