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When you’re a single traveller looking for adventure, some of the world’s most exciting holidays seem out of reach. The single supplement that you’re charged for a single occupancy room is holding you back. You’ve dreamed of biking in Europe, but other single cyclists don’t want to join you on the road. Be independent by riding with other people. Feel the strength of your character as you meet up with others riders who’re passionate about cycling and exploring Europe. Learn how our singles bike tours can change your outlook on life with only one week of exploration. Choose from one of our many departures.


No riding worries

You may not speak the local language, and you don’t want to be left out of the conversation. Guides who lead your tour do speak English. In fact, each bike tour in Europe for singles is lead in English so that you can understand every detail. There are no worries about your equipment either while riding your bike. It’s a fact that only a few like-minded people truly understand the mechanics of today’s complex bike designs. Allow your leaders to evaluate and repair your equipment as you enjoy a quick break in a nearby minivan. All you have worry about is bring your riding gear.


Choose a cycling holiday by following your passion

Your cycling holiday for singles might be linked to European history, or you’re ready to taste the wines of each country in the world. The best way to spend a singles bike ride is to follow your passion. By choosing a cycling holiday in Europe in this manner, you meet like-minded individuals who you can speak to with ease. Research the region before choosing it for your holidays. Knowing your passion means that it can be shared with others who’ll appreciate your contributions. 


Match the fitness level

Aside from following your passion, a solo cycling tour needs to match your fitness level. All our departures offer 6 days of spectacular biking, which means that you are cycling for many hours each day. Be honest about your athleticism as you book one of our cycling excursions, however. You want to be challenged but not overwhelmed. You always have the option of resting during the tours too because riders need a break as their solo holiday continues to thrill them. 


Single occupancy and single supplements

Single travelers are often challenged by the hotel-room cost. A single occupancy room is guaranteed at the time of booking. However, the single supplement fee is charged at the time of your reservation. As a solution to this price increase, try a roommate. This single traveler is normally chosen out of your traveling group. We will match you with a person based on several traits. 


Support around every turn

A single traveler is often concerned about being left behind on a given route due to the elevation gain. You’re used to riding with a buddy as you challenge yourselves on each turn. Your guides ensure that everyone is accounted for throughout the day. For added security, your bicycle also comes with a GPS device that give you the total elevation gain and keeps you updated in real time. Becoming lost isn’t part of a cycling vacation anymore. 


Dinners designed for singles

Dining alone isn’t a worry for an individual rider anymore. Each adventure is designed to bring riders together in a common, dining area that only encourages camaraderie. Because you’ve been on the route all day, everyone has something in common to discuss and laugh about. In many cases, friendships are solidified as long conversations turn into heartfelt discussions across the countryside. 


Join a great adventure

Singles bike tours take cyclists on amazing adventures and it’s your time to shine as you book an adventure to the Tuscan hills or wineries of Bordeaux. The road is an open book to write your own story as singles from across the globe converge into small groups of maximum 14 cyclists. Make friendships that can last a lifetime by booking a road trip today.

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