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Europe may be on your bucket list, but you’re a bit worried about traveling alone as a female. There is no better way to explore the countryside than to ride a bicycle and join other cyclists. Women should feel empowered to head off to Europe on an exploratory cycling holiday. In fact, choosing a bike tour is a clever way to see the countryside while making several friends at the same time. Learn why our bike tours for women are designed for the female spirit as you discover a new level of relaxation.


No worries about cycling

You don’t have to conquer a mountain on your vacation because all of our bike tours are designed for women and come with multiple routes for each day. Choose easy routes for the entire trip, or vary the exercise as your body sees fit. Cycling over hills and biking down straightaways gives you a deeper look at majestic lands that are often overlooked during other tours. If you do become tired of road cycling, there’s our minivan that follows along with the group. Hop in, take a breather and join in on the riding fun when you’re ready. This vacation is yours to enjoy at any energy level. 


Safety is a top priority

As you take a look at pictures of bikes along similar tours, you might be concerned about safety on the road. Each ladies bike ride is carefully selected for its desired features. Your bicycle has platform pedals that come standard with its construction, which means that your feet have a solid area to grasp onto along the route. Water and snacks also fall under the safety umbrella because your energy and hydration levels must be at peak levels. Periodic stops allow you to fill up with the nutrition that’s necessary to keep you going.


Electric, standard or road bicycle options

Accepting a broken-down bicycle from a touring company won’t be your experience during a DIGnGO trip. All of the equipment comes from reputable manufacturers and equipped with bicycle accessories. Some riders may want to travel with a little bit more power so electrically assisted bicycles or road bikes can be rented for a nominal fee. Every woman bike rider has a chance to feel the pavement under the rubber tires as vineyards and historical buildings whizz by. It’s your choice when it comes to a standard, an electric or a women road bike on your dream getaway. 


Riders enjoy rewarding relaxation at day’s end

A vacation isn’t worth the effort if there isn’t some relaxing periods. Be aware that each day is designed to leave riders at the hotel by 4 or 5 p.m. 


Personalized service and technological support to cyclists

Your bicycle guides offer you as much information as possible as the day begins. There’s also support in the form of electronic devices. Follow other cyclists on the road as you take a good view of the country spreading out around you. If you get lost in the scenery, you know how to catch up because of the GPS attached right on your handles. The world is much easier to discover when you know where the group is in relation to your location. Cyclists will appreciate the connection to civilization at every turn. 


Join DIGnGO for an amazing bike ride

Don’t forget that our bike tours are designed for women and limited to only 14 participants each. Ride along with a group that’s largely female. These female traveling companions may become friends as many miles of conversation can enhance the ride. Biking across Italy, Spain or France is a thrill for women of any age.

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