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Women bike tours are amazing cycling adventures designed for you and your girlfriends. Women should feel empowered to head off on an exploratory cycling holiday. Choosing a bike tour is perfect if you’re looking to meet other ladies at the same time. Read below to learn why our bike tours for women are designed for female travelers.


Why women bike tours are designed specifically for women?

As a woman, you are often worried about your cycling ability. However, you don’t have to be because our bicycle journeys are planned for females. If you or your gals do become tired of road cycling, hop in and join in on the riding fun when you’re ready. This cycling vacation is yours to enjoy.


Join our women cycling trips

Women cycling trips are limited to 14 participants each. Ride along with a group that’s largely females. These ladies may become girlfriends as many miles of conversation can enhance the bicycle ride. Biking is a thrill for women of any age.

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