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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to tour Normandy or explore Holland, you now have a unique way to achieve that bucket-list goal. Senior travel is growing extremely fast, while bike tours for seniors are becoming very popular. Senior cyclists travel around the world and are a huge group of explorers who’re just waiting for the right bike trip to come along. Get to know Europe on an intimate level as you join a senior travel adventure, hop on your bike and pedal into the countryside.


Perfectly Designed Cycling Tours for Retired Travelers

There’s no need to be wary about cycling on vacation because our senior bike tours in Europe are exclusively designed for mature adults. All of these regions have topographies that are easy enough for most seniors. And the route is aimed to appeal to people of different ability level. On a DIGnGO cycling tour, you’re biking over gentle hills as you enjoy the best that each region has to offer. 


Senior Bicycles and Equipment for your Comfort (touring bicycles and electric bikes)

Your travel enjoyment is quickly marred when a touring bike or electric bike is just too heavy to manoeuvre. On our tours, we include a GPS unit so that cyclists know exactly what is approaching on the route ahead. First aid is always a simple reach away too because your bicycle guides have all of the training necessary to keep you safe. And an electric bike kit could even help you climb some of those hills. 


Senior Travel Packages

Senior travel is growing extremely fast. Our senior escorted tours consist of maximum 14 people, which allows for a unique experience. If you wish to travel with your friends, it’s possible to have a private outing that’s customized to your needs. 


A bike Trip should be all Fun

Riding bikes normally has a mechanical side to the experience, which means that breakdowns and repairs are inevitable. On a DIGnGO bike trip, allow your leader to fix that ride for you because you have a chance to either rest or swap out the equipment as necessary. Each of our senior bike trip in Europe is designed with your comfort level in mind as senior bicycle riders shouldn’t have to worry about anything. 


Early Arrivals

We believe travel should be relaxing. By arriving at your destination by about 4 or 5 p.m., you have a chance to relax at each luxury hotel. Take a shower, relax by the pool or sneak in a massage. Traveling may make you a bit tired, but it’s worth all of the attractions that you see along the way. In many cases, a cycling holiday in Europe is the only way for travelers to see certain areas without entirely walking the region. 


Breaks Built into the Ride

Every few miles along the road stop riding your bicycle for some refreshments. The breaks down country roads aren’t limited to just the rider’s stomach either. Our minivan follows the convoy, which gives riders a chance to stop and relax whenever the need arises. Look at the region passing by as your ride takes you along in the vehicle because your bicycle can always be used sometime down the road. 


Dining Perks

Michelin-starred restaurants are part of the experience with a cycling excursion. Most meals are included and you won’t be disappointed with the food. For the meals on your own, the guides always have some suggestions.


Czech Republic or the Loire Valley

Bike tours for seniors are designed for you to enjoy the cycling vacation of a lifetime. A cycling holiday in Europe offers freedom with the comforts of knowing that you’re in expert hands by regional professionals. Find yourself in visiting Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic or walking through Villandry in the Loire Valley because your retirement years are meant to be enjoyed and travel creates wonderful memories.

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