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Bike Tours – browse through a large collection of cycling vacations

Cycling has always been an essential element of a slower paced life. From the lavender fields of Provence to the mountain peaks of the Dolomites, our bike tours lead you through some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe. Each bike ride brings you out to locations that are distinct to the area. Our bicycle tour leaders take you off-the-beaten-path making sure you have a great time. Enjoy the bike ride at your own pace while a tour guide takes care of all the details. Whether you’re are dinning at a Michelin star restaurant or participating in a pasta making lesson, a DIGnGO bicycle tour takes you behind the scenes. Each of our small group tours has a maximum group size that’s designed to give you an intimate experience with other bike riders. Cyclists aren’t lost with a group and can cycle on their own for a bit if desired. A DIGnGO cycling tour leads you on incredible bike rides wherever you travel.

Bike Tours in France

A bike trip in France combines breathtaking scenery, gourmet cuisine and amazing wines. No matter the destination, cyclists are guaranteed to find a tour that matches their interests and ability level. The Loire Valley offers easy cycling routes while the island of Corsica leads you on some of the stages of the Tour de France.

Destinations: Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Corsica, Dordogne, Loire Valley, Normandy, Provence
Level: Easy to Active
Price: From $2,798 to $4,898

Bike Tours in Italy

A bicycle trip in Italy offers a number of historical sites and spectacular landscapes to uncover. Ultimately, any of our bicycle tours lead you to some of the most amazing sights around the country. From the Dolomites mountain range to the olive groves of Puglia, a biking trip in Italy takes you off-the-beaten-path.

Destinations: Dolomites, Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany
Level: Easy to Avid
Price: From $2,898 to $4,798

Bike Tours in Spain

The roads of Spain await you. A cycling vacation with DIGnGO leads you through a variety of spectacular landscapes. Each day, no matter your destination, your route provides a lot of opportunities to take photos and the freedom to cycle at your own pace.

Destinations: Andalucia, Costa Brava, Mallorca
Level: Moderate to Active
Price: From $3,998 to $4,598

Bike Tours in Greater Europe

A wine tasting on a Croatian island might be on your list. Or maybe a sightseeing tour of a European capital is definitely on your to do list for next year. Whatever it is, a cycling experience provides a wide range of activities so that each traveler has the best time of his life.

Destinations: Austria, Croatia, Holland, Switzerland
Level: Moderate to Active
Price: From $2,798 to $5,398

Customer reviews

My husband gave me this bicycle trip for a 60th birthday present. I told him that next to our honeymoon this was the BEST tour I have EVER taken. We are still talking about it and plan to do another one next spring with only DIGnGO! You guys are the BEST!

Marc S.

Thank you so much for a wonderful bicycling vacation. We had an extraordinary experience with your company on our family biking tour to the Loire, which we think had a lot to do with the quality of the service that tour guides provided.

Tom D.

First of all – thanks SO much for a wonderful, exciting… utterly fantastic wine tasting bike tour. We had a terrific time – so much so that we’re sending all our friends the link and recommendations on Facebook – hope they translate into business!

Katie B.

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