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Bike Tours for Cyclists of all Levels

Why Should You Take a Bike Tour?

Think about your previous vacations, and ask yourself if you got the most out of the experience. Most vacations end up at crowded tourist locations where you’re herded on and off of local bus lines. Bike tours are entirely different, however. You meet the local people, partake in native customs and enjoy the experience at your own pace. It’s possible to make lifelong friends with the locals who share their stores and restaurants with you.

The journey between destinations is also a perk. Don’t sit on a bus with your smartphone entertaining you. Biking takes you out to locations that are distinct to the area. They aren’t necessarily tourist traps. Take the tour at your own pace while taking breaks in a van that travels along with you. There’s always snack-and-drink stops as you bask in the beauty of the area.

Don’t forget that each tour has a maximum group size that’s designed to give you an intimate experience with the guides and other guests. You aren’t lost with a group, and you can cycle on your own for a bit if desired. Each bike has Garmin GPS so that you know where to go if the group is ahead of you. Match the GPS device to an electric, hybrid or standard bike too. You have plenty of choices as you design your own tour.

The biking adventure is also good for you and the environment. Burn off those dinner calories while exploring rolling hillsides or local castles. You don’t contribute to any emissions being released into the air either because your energy is the fuel on the bike. An unforgettable trip is waiting for you.


Who Travels with the Group?

You don’t have to be a star athlete to hit the road with other biking enthusiasts. Consider this eclectic mixture of people who you might meet on a tour, including:

  • Occasional, recreational or leisure cyclists
  • Professional riders
  • Weekend riders
  • Beginners
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Honeymooners
  • Celebratory groups, such as weddings and high-school reunions

All of these excited travelers also come from various professions, such as:

  • Foodies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High-level executives, including CEOs
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Actors


When is the Best Time to Take a Bike Tour?

The prime time for a biking tour is between March and November. Ideally, choose a month somewhere nestled in the middle of that range for the best weather. Early April and late October tend to be too cold in most regions for comfortable biking. There are still tours if you’re the adventurous type.

Be aware that Southern Europe is particularly hot in the summer months. Pick another region if you want to experience summer without too much heat.


How Do You Prepare for a Bicycle Trip?

Use this list as a guide for your packing ease. Bring essential items, such as:

  • Padded shorts for biking comfort
  • Sunglasses
  • Cycling gloves
  • Running or cycling shoes
  • Personal pedals if desired
  • Lightweight jacket
  • Cycling jersey

Prepare your body for the tours too. Ideally, pick one day a week to ride for about 20 miles. If you can perform this exercise with little effort, the biking tour will be significantly simple for you. Don’t worry about being in perfect shape. There are always multiple pathways to choose from that are based on your fitness level.

Where Would You Like to Go?

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Thank you so much for a wonderful bicycling vacation. We had an extraordinary experience with your company on our family biking tour to the Loire, which we think had a lot to do with the quality of the service that tour guides provided. Tom D.

First of all – thanks SO much for a wonderful, exciting… utterly fantastic wine tasting bike tour. We had a terrific time – so much so that we’re sending all our friends the link and recommendations on Facebook – hope they translate into business! Katie B.

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