1.888.883.7948 [email protected]
1.888.883.7948 [email protected]

Avoid the Herd

Hit the road with a small group of cyclists of 2 to 14 fellow riders.

Personalized Attention

Anywhere, anytime. Flat tire, or just plain tired, we’re there for you.

Guide Ratio

Get the best guest-to-guide ratio. With DIGnGO, it’s 5 to 1.

Incredible Adventures

Experience the ultimate in freedom and flexibility in bike touring!

There's a better way to Travel

Find your Next Cycling Adventure

A DIGnGO bike tour is a cycling vacation of a lifetime.

Why Book With Us?

Best value for your money

Best prices in the industry

Small Groups

Groups limited to 14 guests

Family Business

Run by 2 Burgundy boys