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Commission Structure

Thank you for you interest in booking one of our guided bike tours for your clients. DIGnGO has great relationships with travel agents from around the world and we are always happy to begin working with new travel agencies.


The Commission

DIGnGO pays a 10% commission on all agency bookings.


Paid to the agency

Commission payments are always made payable to the agency, not the booking agent and are issued after the tour departure.


Base Price

Commissions are paid on the base price of trips and not on any single supplements or trip upgrades. Commissions are only paid for referrals whom have not traveled with DIGnGO.


Existing reservations

DIGnGO does not allow you to take over an existing reservation.


Other restrictions

Other restrictions may apply.


*DIGnGO doesn't pay any commission on bike jerseys sold, travel insurance, road bikes or electric bikes supplements.