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Frequent Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions about our bike tours in Europe. Should you have any additional questions don't hesitate to email me back or call us at 1.888.883.7948.


  • Could you provide me with guests references? >

    Our team will be glad to give you the names, email and numbers of guests that have recently been on our bike tours in Europe. Just email us or call our office at 1.888.883.7948
  • Do you create all the tours yourself ? >

    The answer is yes !
  • Do I need to be an athlete to join one of your tours ? >

    Our tours are designed so that anyone can join and have a great time. On average we bike about 50 km a day (about 30 miles). If you walk or bike to stay fit, or if you swim, play golf or do another any other activity, you won't have any trouble on our tours. The reason we bike is because we believe it is the best ways to get a true sense of the region you’re visiting.
  • How do you accomodate different biking level ? >

    Each day you have a choise of multiple mileage options (on average 3), the first one is between 10 and 25 miles, the second one is around 30 miles and the last one is about 50 miles which means that on certain days you can take it easy and choose the shortest route, on other days you can go for a most challenging route, this is really up to you.
  • It is my first bike tour which destination(s) do you recommend ? >

    Honestly all of them, they are all wonderful. However, if you are worried about your biking ability we usually recommend Normandy, the Loire Valley or Holland.
  • Please advise if you have large bike frames ? >

    Our largest frames are 24 inches frames or 61 cm ( that fits guests that are up to 6 foot 6 inches ). If you are taller we recommend that you bring your own bike.
  • Do you have your own fleet of bikes ? >

    DIGnGO has its own fleet of bikes (road bikes as well as fitness bikes) and has been working with BMC since 2013. BMC is one of the most famous brand in Switzerland, if not the most famous and our guests have been very pleased with the quality of our bikes. Following a tour the bikes are cleaned and checked throughly by our staff and fixed if need be before heading to another destination.
  • How many leaders are they on each tour ? How do they support the biking ? >

    There are 2 leaders on each tour, for an average 4 : 1 guest to leader ratio. If there are more than 7 guests on a tour we will use 2 minivans and there will be 1 or 2 additional leaders. During the tour 1 leader is on the bike with you and 1 leader is in our minivan. The leader in the minivan covers the route ( but you won't see it along the way ) and he / she is there to offer assistance, refereshement ( water, fruit, chocolate etc...) or even a lift to the hotel ( don't come expecting to ride in the minivan but never hesitate to use it ).
  • Could you give me more information about the leaders ? >

    Our leaders go through an extensive training and we are extremly picky on who we hire... Our goal is to ensure you have a great time when you travel with us and amazing leaders is one of the keys. Being a leader is a rare combination of talents and in addition to delivering the highest level of service we hire individuals that naturally enjoy being around individuals Our leaders are fun and friendly but also have a number of incredbile skills , they will be fixing a flat one minute, tell you about the region, make a last minute change to a route, translate a menu and more... Our leaders are here to take care of all the details and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your vacation.
  • Do you guarantee that I will stay in the hotels listed on your website ? >

    The accommodations we have selected are the best in each of the regions we travel too, they have been selected for their charm, service and authenticity. On all our tours we guarantee that you will stay in those accommodations. However, as we are always seeking opportunities to enhance this itinerary, we will notify you of any important hotel changes prior to departure.
  • What type of room do you reserve in the different accommodations ? >

    DIGnGO never reserves standard rooms, we will always get you a luxury / deluxe room (with view if available). As we stay in old building (chateaux), please remember that all rooms in a same hotel might be different from each other even-though of the same standard. 
  • Can I order off the menu or do I have a set menu for lunch and dinner ? >

    Lunches and dinners are all included on our tours and may be set menus or sometimes "a la carte" depending on the destination. For lunches we usually do a light lunch such as a salad with some cheese. For dinner whether the meals are at a Michelin-starred or very fine, typically local restaurant you will get a selection of 2 or 3 dishes carefully selected for each course. 
  • Are all dinners that are included group dinners ? >

    The dinners don't have to be group dinners, we are very flexible on that. In the past we have had guests asking to dine on their own with their family, wife, husband etc... at a different time than the rest of the group and it worked out great. We work closely with the chefs and as long as you let us know ahead of time we are happy to arrange dinner on your own if you wish.
  • Do you have any age restrictions for some of the activites ? >

    Yes. Some activities such as land sailing or Canoe have some age restrictions. See each itinerary for more detail.
  • What is the minimum age to be able to ride your own bike ? >

    For safety reason we don't allow children under the age of 7 to ride their own bike and usually recommend a minimum age of 9. However, based on the kids ability to ride in certain situation we will allow children under the age of 9 to ride their own bike. Kids must be able to ride in a straight line, without loosing balance and know how to handle gears and hand brakes. Kids who are under the required age for riding their own bikes may ride in a Burley Trailer or on a Piccolo with a parent. Note that pulling a 3-4 year old in a Burley Trailer or a 7-8-year-old uphill on a Piccolo can be challenging. There is a weight limit of 60 pounds for a Burley and 85 pounds for a Piccolo. Please note that the adult pulling the Piccolo must weigh at least twice as much as the trailing child in order to safely control the Piccolo.
  • Do adults and children stay all the time together during the tour ? >

    If you sign up for family tour there is a good chance you want to all be together. However, our family bike tours are designed to balance quality time together and apart with kids only activities for them to enjoy.
  • Is it required for kids to be in a car seat when ridding in the minivan ? >

    DIGnGO provides car-booster seats for children from 4-8 years of age, parents with children below this minimum age are responsible for bringing their own seats.
  • Do you offer meals for kids ? >

    We know that kids have different tastes and might not want to each michelin star food every night... that we why on all our tours we work closely with all the chefs of the different restaurants and create menus for the kids.
  • Can you offer connecting rooms for families ? >

    We will make every effort to secure rooms that connect, are adjacent or are at least near one another. Please not that connections rooms are not available in all of our hotels.
  • Do you have children bikes ? >

    For kids age 1 to 3 years old we have burley trailers, then for kids 4 to 7 or in some destinations 9 years old we have piccolo and for kids older we have 20 and 24 inches bicycles. It is the parents responsibility to pull the piccolo or Burleys.
  • Do you offer family friendly pricing ? >

    If a child shares a room with 2 adults or 2 children share a room, discounts, range from 10 % to 75 % based on the age of the kids. For more information contact us or download one of our family itineraries.
  • Is childcare available ? >

    No, childcare is not available on our tours.
  • Do you offer private tours ? >

    Yes and all you need to do it contact us and we will reserve a date just for you. See our private tours section for details concerning pricing.
  • Can I choose my dates of travel according to my schedule ? >

    The answer is yes. If you can't travel on the dates that are listed on our website just contact us with your dates of travel and as long as there is availability with the hotels we work with we will be glad to add a date just for you.
  • Is there an additional fee for private tours ? >

    Private trips incur additional fees. Please read our private tours section for details.
  • Do you offer self guided tours ? >

    Unfortunately we do not do self guided tours because we know you will not get the service that you are used too back home and it is impossible for us to give you the unique access you have when you come on guided tours.
  • Can private tours be customized ? >

    Absolutely, all you need to do is send us an email with what you have in mind.
  • How big are the groups ? >

    The average groupe size is between 6 and 8 and we limit the number of guests on each tour to 14. This ensure each guest receives exceptional support and attention.
  • Who travels with DIGnGO ? >

    Most of our guests are between the age of 45 and 55. However, older and younger guests are also well represented.
  • What happens if it rains during the tour ? >

    If it is light rain we usually bike, if it is heavy rain or stormy we don't bike and organize other activities and visits. Those activities include the visit of a chateau, museum, an additional wine tasting etc... For ex in Normandy we have visited the memorial de Caen due du inclement weather, in Burgundy we have organized additional wine tastings, in the Loire valley we have organized the visit of additional chateaux etc...
  • Do you have a list of hotels you recommend in Paris, Florence, Geneva, Prague etc...? >

    In the travel booklet we send you by mail you will find a list of hotels we recommend in (Paris, Geneva, Prague, Florence, Rome and more ...)
  • Do you offer pre or post trip recommendation in the region I have selected ? >

    In travel booklet we send you we do give you recommendations on where to stay the night before the start of the tour or after if you decide to stay in the region where the tour is (usually we recommend one or 2 hotels in the towns that are close from where we start the tour) Let's say you are coming to Burgundy and the tour starts in Beaune, we will be glad to give you recommendation on whats to do and where to stay in Dijon ( located 35 minutes from Beaune ) the day before or after the tour.
  • Can you take care of my train reservation to and from our meeting point ? >

    Unfortunately this is not something we offer anymore, we use to do it but it became too much trouble. Our recommendation is to go on www.raileurope.com and do it yourself it is very easy.
  • Do you offer travel insurance ? >

    Yes, we do work with mondial assitance and for more information you may contact us and we will send you all the information. The cost of the insurance is 6 % of trip price and covers almost everything you could imagine from private medical, travel baggage, legal protection to cancellation costs. For more information you may copy and paste this link : http://www.digngo.com/why-digngo/travel-insurance.html
  • How do I make a reservation ? >

    In order to make a reservation please call us at 888.883.7948 and we will send you our reservation form.
  • How far in advance should I book ? >

    Most travelers book about 3 to 5 months in advance and we recommend at least 90 days before you travel date. However, we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate travellers looking to book trips on shorter notice.
  • Do you guarantee all departures ? >

    Departures are guaranteed with 2 guests. * Please note that we are not responsible for guest airfare expenses booked and paid for before a trip has been officially confirmed to run.
  • Following our reservation do you send us a travel booklet ? >

    Once you have filled out and signed your reservation form we will send you your travel package by mail which includes your detailed itinerary, suggestions for making your travel arrangements, what to bring, luggage tags, where to stay before and after your tour, where we meet, etc...
  • When is the final payment due ? >

    A 500 USD deposit is due at the time and booking and the final payment is due 90 days prior to the start of the tour. If you reserve your trip less than 90 days prior to the departure, the full balance is due at the time of booking. Payments card be made by visa, mastercard and amex.
  • Can I transfer to another destination ? >

    You may transfer from one trip to another up to 90 days before the departure of the trip after that our cancellation policy applies. If the trip you are transfering too cost more the the trip you orginally signed up for you must pay the difference.
  • What is your cancellation policy ? >

    # Days prior to trip Fee per person 91 + Non refundable amounts (0) 61 – 90 30% of the trip price 31 – 60 50% of the trip price 0- 30 100% of the trip price
  • Not included - Extra ? >

    Not included in the trip price is the train and or airline ticket to and from your meeting location, personnal expenses (such as laundry, telecommunication, minibar, masssage, non schedules visits or activites), gratuites for your trip leaders, wine and other alchoolic beverages (unless during an activity or event)
  • What type of hotels do you use? >

    The hotels you stay are the best hotels in the region. They are either 4 or 5 star hotels and reflect the region you are visiting. They have been selected for their service, location, charm and authenticity. They have also earned praised from discerning magazines and critics such as Andrew Harper's Hideway, Conde Nast Traveler. From the luxury abbaye de la bussiere in Burgundy (a beautifully renovated abbaye) to the Hostellerie de Plaisance a former monastery in St Emilion with wonderful views over the vineyards those are the properties you want to stay at.
  • Do I have to carry my own luggage? >

    No, the leaders transport the luggages between hotels and their make sure it is in your room at your arrival.
  • What do I do with my electronics and valuables? >

    If you need to bring valuables on our tours, they are 100% your responsibility. Keep them with you at all times, or lock them in the hotel safe: It is not safe to leave valuables in our minivans; while not common, break-ins do happen. Although we will transport your valuables during your trip as a convenience, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or loss. This policy applies to personal electronics as well as other items, such as jewelry, and fragile and delicate accessories, whether purchased on the trip or otherwise.
  • Can I reserve my DIGnGO vacation with my travel agent? >

    DIGnGO accepts reservations from travel agents. If you prefer to have your travel agent handle your booking, please have him or her contact us directly. Pricing is the same whether you book directly with us or with your travel agent.
  • When will I receive more detailed information about my trip so I can start planning? >

    Following your reservation, you will receive a Travel Booklet by mail. It includes a descriptive itinerary and detailed information about arrival and departure, pre- and post-trip hotels, clothing and gear, passports and visa requirements and the travel protection plan. If you wish to make airline reservations before receiving your Travel booklet, please contact us for times and locations of your trip start and end. In addition we are not responsible for fee incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations or illness.
  • Is each starting and ending location easily accessible? >

    Each trip begins and ends in or near a town accessible by plane, train. If you wish to drive to the trip start, please contact us about parking options.
  • What days are you open? >

    DIGnGO is open 7 days a week from 6 am to 4 pm (Eastern Time).
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