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Introducing you the best family bike tours

Our family bike tours in france are a way for you to take a break and recharge the "batteries" something that is virtually impossible to achieve when you take a tour on your own. Whether you want spend time as a family or leave your kids with our trip leaders knowing they are well taken care of, our family bike tours are designed to balance quality time together and apart. In the end, they're fun and stimulating adventures planned to bring your all family closer together.

Family Friendly Pricing

On all our family bike tours when children share a room with two adults, youths receive the discounts mentioned below.

- 75% off for children ages 1-2

- 40% off for ages 3-6

- 20% off for ages 7-10

- 10% off for ages 11-17


When a child shares a room with one adult or two children share a room, a 10% discount applies to children 17 and younger. The third and fourth child in a room receive the discounts described above. When a Child 17 or younger is in a separate room a 10% discount is applied to the trip price, but the full private room charge applies.