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The Best Guided Bike Tours in France

Our guided bike tours in France are designed to give you a complete experience of France’s history, culture and landscape, whether you want to experience the cultural European metropolis of Paris or the lush scenery of the Loire Valley. It doesn’t matter whether you travel to France every year, or you have never visited it before: touring the country on a bike gives you unique view of this beautiful and cultural part of Europe.

For less experienced cyclists, we recommend our tours in Normandy, Burgundy and the Loire Valley, where the routes are mostly level and the trails are smooth and paved. On our Normandy tour, you can see both ancient and recent history, visiting both the D-Day landing sites, the war-destroyed town of Saint-Lo, and the historic island monastery of the Mont-Saint-Michel. The Loire Valley may be one of our easiest routes, but the ease with which your wheels carry you along the roads gives you more time to admire the towering castles. In Amboise, you can be escorted by a tour guide through the Clos Luce, where Leonardo Da Vinci spent the last years of his life and in which some of his original work is still on display.

Any rider with a taste for wine will love our routes through Bordeaux, where France traditionally produces its most celebrated red wines. From the 12th-century village of Rocamadour to the prehistoric cave paintings of Fond de Gaume, Bordeaux and the Dordogne are steeped in millennia of history. Those who prefer white wine can try a tour in Burgundy or Alsace instead, where you cycle through historic towns and taste the distinctive wines of the regions, including some of France’s finest champagne called cremant because of the region it is produced in.

Riders who want a real challenge can try our tour in Corsica, where winding mountain roads offer you breathtaking views of the Mediterranean hills, while steep uphill and downhill inclines challenge your skill and endurance. Provence also gives you a taste of the Mediterranean, where our tours have you pedal through the unique landscapes and sultry weather of the south of the country.

All of our tours can be reached by train from Paris, where we recommend spending a few days to see the famous sites like the Arc de Triomphe and the Palace at Versailles. We guarantee competitive prices, giving you the best value for your French cycling tour with experienced tour operators, sturdy, custom-fitted road & hybrid bikes, and the best helmets and other safety equipment. By choosing DIGnGO for your French bike tour, you are choosing an exciting, unique holiday experience that really lets you experience the distinctive regions of France.

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